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Daido Holding Group - Newspaper Revenue Drops.

Daido Holding Group: Publishers are turning to new revenue streams as revenues drop to their lowest point in six years.

Daido Holding Group have reportedly revealed in a recent meeting that publishers are turning to new revenue streams as revenues drop to their lowest point in six years.

The total revenue for the newspaper industry in the United States declined by 2 percent from $39.6 billion in 2001 to $38.65 billion in 2012, according to data allegedly reviewed by Daido Holding Group. Circulation revenues saw a five percent gain thanks to online subscriptions, coming in at $10.4 billion, the first gain in circulation revenues in 9 years.

The data includes new revenue streams that did not exist for the industry just ten years ago. Aside from online subscriptions, as much as $6 billion in revenue during last year came from hosting events, e-commerce, niche publications and services similar to those provided by advertising agencies.

Daido Holding Group are understood to have commented that the estimates are a result of data submitted by 18 newspaper publishers in the United States, representing about half of the industry by revenue that provided in depth breakdowns of their revenue streams on the condition of anonymity. While the situation for newsprint is still far from ideal, the new revenue streams coming online do provide some positivity.

Discounting the new revenue streams, last year's revenue dropped by 3 percent, to $32.65 billion, which is the smallest decline in six years. Revenues in 2011, discounting the new sources, were down 5 percent to $33.8 billion. Peak revenues were achieved in 2005, with $60.2 billion.

Daido Holding Group are believed to have indicated that the big positive to be taken from the report is the increase in circulation revenues. There are now over 400 news publications in the United States that charge for online subscriptions.

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