Cyber Knife Treatment India: Advanced Brain Cancer Surgery

The cost of cyber knife treatment in India is much more affordable as compared with western destinations.

Overview of cyber Knife Treatment

Cyber knife treatment in India is an advanced surgery to treat and cure brain cancer. This surgery has recently opened a new path in the field of stereotactic radio surgery for curing many types of cancers. Cyber knife is the total sum of all non invasive brain cancer surgery procedures. In this procedure tumors in the brain are destroyed by using powerful radiations. One of the most primary benefits of cyber knife treatment is that there are no post surgery risks and complications in this surgery. Radiation therapy can be supplied to any part of the body including the brain.

Which disorders can be treated with cyber knife treatment?

Cyber knife treatment can cure spine tumors, brain tumors, lung cancers, metastatic cancers, pancreatic cancers and prostate cancers.

Difference of cyber knife treatment from other stereotactic radio surgeries
Following are some differences between cyber knife treatment and other stereotactic radio surgery:

1) Unlike other stereotactic radio surgeries cyber knife treatment uses a linear accelerator and guidance for formation of image.

2) Unlike other systems, the image guidance of cyber knife is repeated throughout the treatment for compensating the small changes concerning the position of tumors in the body.

3) In cyber knife treatment a robotic arm provides flexibility to the entire treatment system to reach those body areas that could not be reached by other stereotactic radio surgery procedures.

4) The system of cyber knife treatment can easily locate tumors within the body without making any use of stereotactic frames. This technique is much more comfortable and non painful to patients of cancer tumors.

What is the procedure of cyber knife treatment?

Following are the steps that are followed while providing cyber knife treatment:

1) In the procedure of cyber knife treatment the patient is fitted with the customizable plastic mask. The patient has to lie down on the treatment table.

2) Before commencement of the radiation therapy the resonance imaging system takes an x-ray image of the position of the cancer patient. This information is compared with the information obtained from CT scan. It is used for movement of linear accelerator to give an appropriate position by the robot.

3) The entire process is repeated for 50 to 200 positions around the patient for completion of the radiation treatment.

4) The entire process of cyber knife treatment is painless and it takes nearly one hour to deliver radiations over the surface that is infected with tumors.

Benefits of cyber knife treatment?
Following are the main benefits of cyber knife treatment:

1) Cyber knife treatment has accurate and extreme radiations that target tumors in the human body.

2) This treatment does not need any metal head frame or skull pins.

Why India for getting cyber knife treatment?
India has been offering the minimally invasive procedure of cyber knife treatment for nearly six years. The cost of cyber knife treatment in India is much more affordable as compared with western destinations. There are no waiting lists for surgery in India, so patients can schedule immediate appointments with Indian surgeons who are well experienced and skilled.

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