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Cyber Host Pro Now Offering Managed Hosting Service

Cyber Host Pro has added professionally managed hosting to their catalogue of products and services.

It seems that the world of internet hosting remains one of the most competitive and fast-paced industries on the planet. In an effort to out-bid and out-perform their competition, hosting companies have spared no expense when developing the products and services they hope will entice would-be customers and, over time, convert them into loyal clientele.

Cyber Host Pro, one of the UK's most reputable web hosting providers, has recently announced that they will begin offering managed hosting services for their clients. This service is primarily suited for those who do not have the knowledge or skill necessary to successfully manage a server platform on their own, or for companies that are unable or unwilling to hire a full-time IT administrator to properly maintain their server infrastructure.

Cyber Host Pro is hoping that this new service will increase their presence in the world of small business, where financial success often exists on very small margins and business owners are constantly on the lookout for amenities that will save them time and money.

For those who may still be unsure as to what a managed hosting service may "look" like, it can be thought of as a car with a built-in driver. Cyber Host Pro will run a variety of maintenance routines and scheduled operations in order to ensure that the hosting services purchased by their customers will remain in optimal condition.

Although downtime is an obvious fact of life for servers around the world, no matter how large or sophisticated their operation may be, Cyber Host Pro is ensuring their customers that immediate action will be taken in the event of unexpected operational failures or outages, each of which can cause significant damage to the reputation and logistics of a small business.

Finding Cyber Host Pro's managed hosting services is as simple as purchasing one of their hosting solutions online. At the checkout screen, customers will be given the option to select the managed hosting service, which will immediately add the stated price to the total monthly bill. Following the completion of the transaction, customers can rest assured that their servers are in good hands. Managed hosting services are available for Cyber Host Pro's VPS servers, dedicated servers and cloud servers.

Although it's obvious that competition will continue to remain fierce, Cyber Host Pro's new managed hosting services are definitely helping them stay one step ahead of the competition.

Cyber Host Pro offers personal and professional hosting solutions to customers living in the United Kingdom.

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