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Customised YouTube Services for Exposure and Popularity Through Self Made Social Net has launched a new website to help clients get more exposure on YouTube. The company is focused on customer marketing and advertising services, has launched a new website to help clients get more exposure on YouTube. The company is focused on customer marketing and advertising services, allowing one to buy YouTube views to get more credibility, enhance rankings and become more visible.

Self Made Social Net is represented by a team with experience in marketing, putting together campaigns in a professionally customised fashion. This means that clients will be able to select the method to promote themselves and the quantity (of views, likes, etc.).

A significant number of views will indicate that a company's or user's video on YouTube is receiving attention and their videos are worthy of viewing. The more attention, the better for the user, as it draws even more viewers. A YouTube views package is also great as a boost when views have frozen for a video that was once popular.

Click here to read more about becoming popular on YouTube. guarantees to receive a reply within 2 hours. Clients may also take advantage of the free consultation, to ensure that they get the desired result. The company claims to offer services for "self-made stars", meaning anyone who is not willing to rely on the 'natural' views. The boost will help increase the YouTube search engine ranking, which in turn influences Google rankings.

Packages start at $27, price which represents a 6% discount, ensures 2,500 views, 25 manual subscribers and 25 manual likes, a handwritten comments option and quick delivery - up to 3 days maximum. This represents the smallest package available and is for one-time use only. also provides monthly plans including the same benefits. Each plan and type is detailed accordingly on the website.

Custom YouTube Promotions are also available, through which the client gets exactly the service they are interested in: comments, views, likes or subscribers. Thus, customers may choose a unique service instead of a package. The company affords only a few clients each month, as it aims to maintain the high quality of its services.

Clients can use the form on the website to request a consultation regarding their business development, site or blog design, hosting matters, PPC advertising, online and offline marketing, content and video promotion, SEO services, social media and other connected topics.

Each order is backed by a 90 Day risk Free Guarantee. Customers can pay by Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and more. Additionally, the company sells Twitter, Tumblr and Vine followers, as well as SoundCloud plays.

About SelfMadeSocialNet is represented by a team with 20 years of experience in the promotions industry. The company offers promotional services for YouTube users and not only, to get exposure through a boost of views.

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