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18Loop Brings VR to Children Undergoing Cancer Treatment with the Help of Newswire



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18Loop Brings VR to Children Undergoing Cancer Treatment with the Help of Newswire

18Loop is a not-for-profit organization that uses technology to help brave children overcome big challenges. By using cutting-edge Robotic and Virtual Reality (VR) technology, 18Loop helps kids as they undergo cancer recovery processes. The 18Loop team works diligently to enhance the recovery process and improve patient tolerance in an effort to improve comfort and overall survival rates.

The VR technology in particular has proven to be very promising thus far after multiple rounds of research and test trials. The 18Loop team has 40 VR headsets that are scheduled to be distributed to hospitals in New York in the fall of 2020.

The challenge

Prior to COVID-19, 18Loop Executive Director Gregory Tarnacki was scheduled to speak at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida. At the time, he was set to promote the deployment of the aforementioned VR headsets.

The 18Loop team was searching for a way to spread the word about Gregory’s attendance and the contents of his speech.

“The main message we wanted to communicate to hospitals and technologists is simply to take a look at just how helpful VR can be in the lives of these children and beyond."

"This helps children with cancer, but the benefits don’t stop there. Scientific research has proven that this technology can help adults that are tolerating pain as well - one example being burn victims, the recovery process for which is extremely painful.”
Greg Tarnacki

Gregory Tarnacki,

Executive Director, 18Loop

The Results

Newswire’s team helped 18Loop begin to create traffic for their story, the nature of which has since changed due to the COVID-19 crisis.

After the COVID-19 pandemic spiked in the U.S., the in-person conference was converted into a digital experience. The sessions and panels that were scheduled for the event are currently in the process of being posted online. Gregory’s recorded video speech is scheduled to go live this June.

The Newswire team continues to work with Gregory and the rest of the 18Loop team as they look to promote their company news and the adjustments they have had to make as a result of these unprecedented times.

“We chose Newswire because we thought Newswire was the best vehicle to get our press release out to different people in the media, as well as online through Twitter. From a social and traditional press perspective, we thought that it was the best way to accomplish this.”

"I think we've created some traffic so far, and we are working with the Newswire team to fine-tune our targeting to do an even better job next time with the platform."
Greg Tarnacki

Gregory Tarnacki,

Executive Director, 18Loop

Even through these difficult times, the 18Loop team is working hard to help children cope with their cancer recovery treatment. Recently, the organization has successfully delivered Oculus headsets to a family in Georgia with three young boys who have all been diagnosed with ocular cancer.

If you are interested in 18Loop’s mission and want to learn more, you can find additional information by heading to their official website.

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