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Digital DNA Marketing Jumpstarts Client’s Sales Campaign with the Help of the Newswire Team

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Why Newswire?

Mass Distribution Sales Campaign Promotion

Digital DNA Marketing Jumpstarts Client’s Sales Campaign with the Help of the Newswire Team

Digital DNA Marketing is a digital strategy and content agency that aims to provide its customers with a complete ecosystem of digital marketing channels to get their message out to customers and prospects. By doing so, the team is able to utilize all of the tools at their disposal in order to ensure that the customer’s goals are met.

In an era in which specialized marketing services are rampant in the digital space, Digital DNA Marketing separates itself from the pack by offering 360 degree marketing strategies to all of its customers.

The challenge

In late 2019, DNA Digital Marketing was tasked with assisting Carotek, a process equipment provider to the industrial, commercial, and municipal markets. In addition to their own line of products, the company represents product lines from other manufacturers as well.

Timing was of the essence with this campaign. When new product launches are announced, the ability to quickly distribute said information to key industry outlets is vital to Carotek’s success. The Digital DNA Marketing team needed to prioritize speed as they planned to share the announcement of the new product line.

“When representing a new line, it is extremely important to hit the ground running.”
Dawn Kole-Bell

Dawn Kole-Bell,

Founder, Digital DNA Marketing

The Results

In an effort to reach as broad of an audience as possible in a short amount of time, Digital DNA Marketing turned to Newswire to spread Carotek’s announcement. The team utilized Newswire’s press release distribution services to make sure that the product line announcement would be accessible to all relevant industry channels at the same time. This allowed the Carotek team to jumpstart the sales campaign for their new products.

“The service was absolutely helpful. We got picked up by quite a few sites, and got some benefits in terms of SEO that really helped us rank higher in the search engines a lot faster than we could have without it.”
Dawn Kole-Bell

Dawn Kole-Bell,

Founder, Digital DNA Marketing

More recently, Digital DNA Marketing launched a new e-commerce platform that is specifically designed for the B2B space. With the majority of e-commerce platforms only catering to retail businesses in the B2C industry, Digital DNA Marketing looks to assist distributors and manufacturers with their new platform. By providing groundbreaking software that caters to the needs and concerns of these businesses (that other e-commerce platforms fail to address), the Digital DNA Marketing team looks to grow the platform and launch more campaigns in the near future.

If you are interested in learning more about Digital DNA Marketing, here here to navigate to the official website.

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