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Customer Choice Financing Now Offered at Crestview Chrysler

Chrysler's Customer Choice Financing puts the buyer in control and provides options and benefits beyond traditional financing.

Owning a vehicle just got much easier and much more affordable, with this innovative automobile financing plan from Chrysler. Many new vehicles available at Cresview Chrysler are eligible and can be viewed online, making shopping around for a new car easier than ever.

According to the team at Crestview Chrysler, the value, flexibility, and convenience of Customer Choice Financing puts an exciting new spin on the traditional finance package.

Put simply, Customer Choice Financing is a long-term loan that, upon maturity of the loan, gives the buyer the following options:

• to pay the residual balance and keep the car

• to continue to finance the loan

• or to return the vehicle

The structure is similar to that of a lease, but the buyer owns the car, and has the freedom to choose among the available options, allowing for a more affordable purchase and greater flexibility.
Buyers interested in what financing through the dealership has to offer them can contact the finance experts at Crestview Chrysler. The benefits of this particular plan include:

• Reduced monthly payments over conventional financing and lease offers

• Shorter terms that provide the flexibility to upgrade a vehicle to a newer model

• The choice of monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or semi-monthly payments

• Full ownership of the vehicle, with no inspections, fees, or taxes if regardless ow whether the vehicle is returned or its balance is paid in full

• No penalties for paying off or paying down the loan

• Return options of 36, 48, or 60 months and amortizations up to 96 months

With these rewards, options, and benefits, along with the low monthly payments and the vehicle return option, Chrysler has provided an attractive financing option to drivers. Specifically designed to give buyers much greater flexibility in their vehicle purchase, Customer Choice Financing makes owning a vehicle an affordable reality.

The sales staff at Crestview Chrysler Dodge Jeep are eager to fill customers in on all the details regarding this terrific new financing plan. Their Chrysler showroom is located at 601 Albert Street in Regina, SK, just minutes from Frankslake, Grand Coulee, and Edenwold, and they can be reached at 1(877)694-8194.

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