Customer Benefit Svcs, Inc. Expands Market in Offering Answering Services to Clients Worldwide

Customer Benefit Svcs, Inc. (CBS), an American owned and operated customer service outsourcing company based in Cebu City, Philippines is now offering answering services for a variety of international clients.

Customized according to your unique needs, CBS has the pool of customer service representatives who possess the right attitude in implementing services, based on your choice of procedures and scripting.

Apart from maintaining accounts with businesses involved in beauty, media and publication industry, CBS is expanding its services to businesses which can benefit from partnering with answering services.

Professional Services

If you happen to be working in such professional fields like real estate, insurance or law, what's essential is to be able to focus on the details. Allow yourself to concentrate on your tasks and responsibilities by delegating other business tasks to a third party vendor. Go for an answering service to handle all incoming calls and arrange appointments while you focus on your core business.

Health Care Professionals

Do you belong to the general health care sector? Are you a doctor, dentist or veterinarian? Chances are, you are always either doing your hospital rounds or having consultations with patients; thereby leaving your staff to attend to other tasks. When your staff gets very busy attending to responsibilities, calls are inevitably to be left unanswered. This is where an answering service comes in to ensure that all your calls are received; consequently having all concerns addressed and issues resolved or escalated.

Service Contractors

So you do field work the whole day driving to different homes who called for household repair services that range from cleaning, heating and air conditioning or plumbing. As this is basically what you do everyday, how then can you be effective in scheduling appointments if you are never in your office? What's more, it's hard to take calls when you're driving. These two reasons alone are already justifiable as to why you're in dire need of an answering service.

Small Businesses

If you have the notion that only big businesses are in need of answering services, then you're definitely mistaken. The truth is a variety of businesses need it and small and medium enterprises are no exception. For starters, even the likes of hair and nail salons, massage centers, spas and industries that depend on appointments must always have someone ready to answer their calls. Should you and your employees be busy catering to clients, it's another classic case of calls unanswered and opportunities lost. An answering service can help schedule all those incoming appointments for you.

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