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Custom Wine Glass Racks Are Both Practical and Presentable

Wine glass design has evolved over the years to be as much about the form as the function. To store them in a way that protects them, and also show off the collection that you have, custom wine glass racks are becoming a "must have" in all kitchens.

You wouldn't spend good money on buying a painting only to store it somewhere where people can only rarely see it. Why, then, would you do the same thing with your wine glasses? There is probably no other style of glassware that is common enough to be found in most households, yet striking enough to still look beautiful even if there is no wine in it. That is the first reason you should have a custom wine glass rack.

Reason one-A of that is it shouldn't be just any kind of wine rack. You could go to the corner hardware store or home furnishing place and get a generic set of racks to hang in your kitchen - or you could go to Woodsy Wino, the dynamic new wine and wine lifestyle website. There, not only will you find great wine reviews, tips on how to serve and store wine, and information about what's new and exciting in the world of wine, you will also find some of the greatest handcrafted unique wine accessories for sale anywhere in the world.

Reason number two why you need a custom wine rack to store your glasses is to protect them. Regardless of how you store them in the cabinet, these are delicately made pieces of glassware. A pint glass can fall to its side or be accidentally knocked over, and nothing is going to happen; a wine glass will chip or break a stem if you just look at it the wrong way. By hanging them in a rack, you take away that possibility while allowing your guests to admire your fine collection. They'll also know that, if you care enough to buy handmade wine accessories, you probably care enough to drink some really great wine, as well.

The only problem that Jack Terry has with custom wine glass racks is that, at 6'3", most of the ones he runs into, he literally runs into.

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