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Custom Wine Glass Racks Are An Interior Designer's Finishing Touch

Storing wine glasses can be as much an aesthetic concern as it is a practical one. Bridging the gap between those two issues is the use of custom design wine glass racks. Handcrafted for a perfect fit, these racks display stemware in a beautiful way.

They say that the devil is in the details. If that's the case, then one of the biggest devils most people know is home decorating. It doesn't just matter what color you paint the walls or which brand of furniture you use. It is the little things, like if there is crown molding or if all of the table lamps are the same style. Kitchens, long relegated to simply being functional factories of food preparation, have become the centerpiece to home entertaining; as such, people now are focusing on such little concerns as having handcrafted backsplashes and professional quality appliances.

One of the accessories in the kitchen that crosses both worlds (function and practicality) along with being part of the entertainment, is the wine glass rack. It may sound simple enough, but wine glasses are the most unique item most people own in their kitchen, thanks to their traditional stemware design. They are not like other everyday kitchen items that can be easily stacked and stored, and so people look for different ways to arrange them. In a sense, they look as if they were designed with hanging in mind, and so people pay as much attention to the rack they are going to hang them from as they do to the style of the glass itself.

That attention to detail is leading people to pass over the conventional generic wine glass racks they can find at any home goods store and look for custom wine glass racks. The number one location online to find such racks is Woodsy Wino. Home to all things wine and wine related, this fun new website has become the number one online destination for handcrafted home accessories. This is all thanks to the number of award-winning artisans that work for them, custom designing the finest wine glass racks in the world.

Jack Terry's height has led him to knock glasses out of wine glass racks all over the country.

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