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Custom Health Labs Releases Their Advanced Blend of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Custom Health Labs, a respected supplier when it comes to natural food supplements, is pleased to announce their new advanced blend of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract is a very popular supplement when it comes to weight loss. It has been proven that the main ingredient in Green Coffee Bean, Chlorogenic Acid, burns sugar and fat faster and it trains the body to release sugar into the blood, slower. It also burns and blocks fat.

Therefore, it has been proven that it is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to weight loss. A few critics have mentioned that the coffee that we drink has the same effect, but the boiling process takes away all the benefits of coffee.

Custom Health Labs knew about the strengths of this extract when they decided to supply it, but they decided to go one step further. They wanted a more advanced formula for their extract, so they performed some research and decided to combine the extract with other ingredients.

In their Green Coffee Bean Extract, they have used 700mg of the extract, but they have combined it with 100mg of Raspberry Ketone and 25mg of Resveratrol, among other things.

The combination of these ingredients are lethal to fat cells and people who have already used the new formula have indicated that they have seen an increase in their weight loss, when compared to the weeks that they did not use the supplements.

Resveratol is a smart supplement to include because it helps the user deal with a calorie-restricted diet, so it will help with sudden snacking because of hunger.

Raspberry Ketone is a good ingredient because it has been proven that it helps to burn fat cells and prevents the build up of new cells.

A company spokesperson added, "We are very happy with the success of the new advanced formula or Green Coffee Bean Extract. We would just like to thank our researchers for devising this new formula and we look forward to their next new formula."

Custom Health Labs are an innovative company in the supplements industry, especially when it comes to supplements for sports fitness. They hope to release more advanced formulas in the future.

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Custom Health Labs is one of the best suppliers of natural health supplements in the world. They have established themselves as an industrial leader in the industry, with their facility being FDA registered and GMP certified. In the manufacture of their products, they only use the highest grade, raw materials, with nothing synthetic and no hidden ingredients, to bulk their supplements. Their main focus is on customer service and customers who contact them will speak to a real person. They do not have computer generated services like some other companies in the industry. They also supply a printing service and custom formulas. You can visit their website at

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