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Custom Goods continues to be awarded the Kaizen Challenge Award away from Toyota North American Parts Organization (NAPO) for continuous improvement when it comes to the third consecutive year (our fourth award

We have three locations; to higher serve the Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach, & LAX this type of Inland Empire. Service is definitely the cornerstone no matter the historical development and successful operation of CG during the last fifty years. We Take great pride in partnership recognition and understanding our user's culture (i.e. Winning Six Kaizen Awards and 2012 Toyota Logistics Support Supplier of the entire year 24/7/365 accessibility permits us to eat the overflowing adapt and grow together with your customer's business traits. We've grown steadily during this period of time simply by the motto of Exceeding beyond Expectations. This symbolizes not just our internal department working together but observing our clients to check creative and unique business services and just give the perfect stronger and low cost business design.

Custom Goods is honored in being sufficiently small to team think solutions and big sufficient uncover and successfully implement innovative programs. Our Contract Warehouse Program features designated space, staffed by trained CG associates who specialise in our buyers business - work flow process and client document systems. Allowing you to run marketplace response and exquisite tune programs in progress assures that logistic services retain viability. We invite clients and their potential customers give logistic challenges for analysis and feasibility…if it seems sensible, Custom goods will surely be it happen. Innovative programs currently in place.

Kaizen, Japanese for continuous improvement, is a vital part in the Toyota Production System (TPS). To encourage its suppliers to embrace this philosophy, Toyota offer Kaizen Challenge Award and all preferred suppliers (approximately 30) are requested to participate to within the challenge. The Kaizen Challenge Award recipients are known as the suppliers that most effectively used Kaizen principles in working with Toyota to reinforce its Logistics operations.

When it includes to providing most other logistics, finding a company that thinks perfectly advocating "custom" solutions is always a "good" site to start. Our thinking has evolved the standard everyday functions of warehousing, distribution and transportation into a hybrid, value-added process that meets both of you specific requirements. We self-examine our methods and establish benchmarks that assure competitive logistic solutions.

For 2013 the award can possibly be presented from a support provider that consistently demonstrates make "Have Our Back".Whether partnering with another carrier in the formulation of a specialized handling and

delivery service to endorse Heijunka, improved delivery and customer satisfaction for our particular distributor…. Or providing offsite material handling in-pack to bolster consolidation and damage reduction for critical dealer referrals…

Or supporting set kit building and overnight delivery of accessory parts to meet urgent Lexus dealer demand requirements…These guys thrive on hemorrhoids, partner every step of the way with his parts and facilities, and integrate their capabilities which have supporting carrier base. They continuously demonstrate they have the ability to Do this, and they Do It Right. Congratulations to Customs Goods for winning the 2012 Logistics Support Carrier no matter Year award.

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