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Cursive Writing: A Lost Art?

Deb Durst, Author and Ellenor Kirkconnell, Motivational Speaker to host a special radio show to discuss cursive handwriting with its loops, swirls and curls and joined letters, and how it has become a lost art in the digital age

Deb Durst, co-author of There's Lipstick on My Pigskin and Ellenor Kirkconnell, Motivational Speaker will host a special radio show on Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 10:00AM EDT when they will be discussing a few of the problems that may arise now that many schools no longer have a subject line on elementary report cards for handwriting or penmanship and have eliminated teaching cursive writing.

Durst and Kirkconnell will touch on several key points throughout their show. Such as; no more analysis of personality through handwriting; however, they do foresee a future in the analysis of personality by the phone you carry. They'll also explain why children born today may have the option of studying a new foreign language in college: Cursive Loops, Swirls and Curls 101. And, imagine a world where children will never be able to read letters or cards from grandparents; however, as a generation of baby boomers, Durst and Kirkconnell know that, at the very least, money still talks.

Tune in on Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 10:00AM EDT on Blog Talk Radio, Show title: "Please Print and PRINT Your Name on the Dotted Line" to hear their take on the world without handwriting, and to find out what you can do to help keep January 23rd as National Handwriting Day!

Deb Durst is a national speaker, marketing and sales professional and co-author of "There's Lipstick on My Pigskin!" a satirical, dictionary-style playbook with American Football terms expressed in a humorous female voice. To schedule Durst for speaking engagements, media appearances, interviews, or book signings contact

Ellenor Kirkconnell is a motivational speaker and accomplished business professional in the nonprofit sector. To schedule Kirkconnell for speaking engagements, appearances, or interviews, contact

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