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Culinary Educator and Fitness Icon Team Up To Keep Baltimore Fit and Fed

What happens when a Certified Culinary Educator and a Certified Fitness Instructor team up? Everyone gets "Fit and Fed"!

Keeping Baltimore "fit and fed" is the mission of a local chef and a fitness instructor when they visit Baltimore communities to share their secrets for the most powerful combination of skills to achieve an improved lifestyle through better food and fitness.

"You can't have one without the other," says Chef Todd Mohr. "You can't eat well but be sedentary. You can't exercise and eat cake at every meal. You must have a balance."

The simple secrets for better fitness and better food are revealed when the Chef and Baltimore fitness icon, Donavon Israel combine their talents to empower Charm City residents to find the correct balance for their own lives.

In a recent seminar with the residents of 1901 South Charles Apartments, Donavon shared his Top 5 Tips for better fitness through diet. Donavon advises to "eat more, not less". He says diet is not meant to starve you, but to replace empty calories with efficient ones, adding healthier foods not subtracting all foods.

In Chef Mohr's characteristic "edu-taining" style, he shared inspirations with the audience to use just ONE cooking method but vary the ingredients. "The basic saute method has only 9 steps that can be duplicated again and again with a wide variety of ingredients," says the chef. "When you cook with recipes, you have to re-learn cooking every night." "Master one method of cooking and then all recipes are just suggestions".

Chef Todd Mohr is accredited by the American Culinary Federation as a Certified Culinary Educator who teaches at Baltimore colleges and universities as well as being creator and host of WebCookingClasses.com his global audience of tens of thousands of people are empowered over written recipes to cook with the ingredients THEY desire.

Donavon Israel, founder of BodyByDonavon, is an American Fitness Training of Athletics (AFTA) certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with a first-degree black belt in Taekwondo and an extensive background in both boxing and martial arts. Donavon is a Baltimore fitness staple whose clients and followers enjoy the benefit of his experience in exercise and diet.

They are the team from "Fit and Fed" and will be touring Baltimore with 1 hour demonstrations designed to motivate the residents of our city to make healthier, better informed choices about their food and fitness.

See the video at: http://www.webcookingclasses.com/food-fitness/cooking-made-easy/
Contact: Chef Todd Mohr, CCE
919 280 2653

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