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Cruise Ship Illness Still Cause for Concern

Journey Owl advise that cruise ship illness is still a serious problem in 2014

Journey Owl is a leading UK personal injury and holiday sickness claims company that provides their customers with expert assistance on daily basis. This expert team are focussed on providing customers with the highest level of service and they have helped hundreds of customers get the compensation they deserve. The company specialises in a host of claims from holiday illness to cruise ship passenger claims and work injury to personal injury and more. Journey Owl advised that cruise ship illness has been a hot topic for the past year with the outbreak of the norovirus, which left hundreds of passengers ill throughout the world.

This year alone there have already been three incidents of the norovirus, which have affected over three hundred people on two different cruise ships. The first outbreak was aboard the Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas where one hundred and five passengers out of three thousand ended up with the norovirus. The week before one hundred and seventeen passengers and crew had the virus.
The third incident was aboard Princess Cruise Crown Princess where one hundred and fifty two passengers out of four thousand contracted the norovirus. A spokesperson from Journey Owl advised the problem is that the norovirus is highly infectious. It starts out in contaminated food and water and soon passes from person to person. "The problem is that when aboard a cruise ship you have thousands of people in a small space, the virus is able to spread with ease." The norovirus leaves its patients with inflamed stomachs, severe pain, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting. Journey Owl advised that the number of cruise ship illness claims have skyrocketed in the past year as cruise ships scramble to try and contain this infectious virus. Many of them have had the ships deep cleaned by independent cleaning companies and yet the disease continues to break out while the ship is at sea.The company advised that even the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) has been involved, ensuring procedures are put in place to reduce the risk of the disease spreading.Journey Owl have already handled a large number of claims in the past few months from passengers who arrive home too ill to work, losing income and finding themselves bed ridden due to ill health caused by this disease.

About Us: Journey Owl is a team of experts who deal with personal injury claims, work accident claims and holiday sickness claims. The company has years of experience in the industry and has helped hundreds of people with their claims, awarding them thousands in compensation. Journey Owl is a UK based company that focus on high levels of customer service. The dedicated team offer all customers the best service and help them every step of the way to help them win the compensation they deserve. To find out more or to find out how to file a claim, visit their website at

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