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Leading the crossdressing industry in the United States, has announced the release of their New Satin Corset for the cross dressing male.

Being fashionable and comfortable sometimes do not go hand in hand. When it comes to the crossdressing community, finding the right style and fit can often times be hit or miss. Crossdressers looking for both quality and style can celebrate with the newly expanded clothing line of leading cross dressing clothing store, Suddenly Fem.

Suddenly Fem has a fresh offer for those who enjoy the company's transvestite corset product lineup: their New Diamond shape Satin Corsets which are made to fit men. Hot casual cross dressing clothing paired with Satin Corsets and lingerie is the new look this Fall at Suddenly Fem.

As a notable cross dressing clothing company, Suddenly Fem designs and produces its own cross dressing corset, as well as cross dressing lingerie, cross dressing underwear and crossdress teddies hiding gaffs to specifically fit the needs of a cross dressing man. From the sensual silky satin and the detail lace, their New Satin Corset ensures to give each customer the comfort and personal touch they expect. Suddenly Fem uses male fit models to design and measure for their entire clothing line, ensuring customers that their order will fit perfectly and look feminine on the male frame.

Autumn Englewood, product manager for Suddenly Fem, expresses: "Our clientele really desires an hourglass figure whenever possible. When transforming from male to female, a slim waist, which accentuates the hips is almost mandatory. Typically, retailers pair corsets with lingerie, and at Suddenly Fem, we like to display sophisticated fashion ideas to our client base. This season we are pairing our corsets with jean skirts and satin blouses."

Having both an in-house design team and its own manufacturing facilities, Suddenly Fem guarantees that each order will fit perfectly in all the right places. Customers can breathe easy because of Suddenly Fem's 20 years experience in the fashion industry. This ensures every stitch fits exactly how it should.

"We are the only retailer around that actually manufactures a full fashion line for the crossdresser - so these special styles are guaranteed to fit right. We have so many customers that get fooled into buying plus size clothing at other online stores . . . which will never fit right in the sleeve or body. We love to mix Sensual sophistication and presentation with quality design and craftsmanship!," Englewood enthuses.

Customers may visit to check out the Suddenly Fem's satin corset offering.

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