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With an ever-changing world around us, with the rising number of anti-social activities, with constant reports flooding the media of anti-socials and criminals creating amok in certain parts of the city that were earlier considered to be safe, it's getting increasingly difficult to keep faith in people nowadays, especially the new ones whom we have never met before.

But are you aware of how simple it is to know whether your co-workers, neighbors and associates are reliable and trustworthy, or do these pose any deadly threat to the safety and security of your family? A simple criminal background check can reveal a lot about the past background of an individual.

A criminal background check online in US can easily disclose a lot of unknown information about an individual who is causing you trouble through their acts and activities. In case a person has been involved is some form of illegal act for which they have earlier been convicted or arrested, it is definitely going to be listed in a US criminal background search. Therefore, through the services of search websites like intelireports, you can easily have every information about felonies, convictions, crimes and sentences at your fingertips.

At, you shall be offered with a time efficient, effective way of conducting a criminal background check in US. Inteli Reports have been largely successful in researching top quality search services and at the same time deliver the greatest database of updated US criminal history record online.

In addition to this, if you would prefer to do a free criminal background check from the safety and comfort of your home, you can easily proceed that way as the website possess a wide collection of articles, videos, as well as a detailed step-by-step guideline on how to conduct a free criminal background check listed on the website's homepage.

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