Creepiest Scorpion Encounter Contest Offers $1,000 Prize

Bug & Weed Mart hosts scorpion contest for Maricopa County residents

− Bug & Weed Mart - a locally-owned, do-it-yourself supply store that specializes in pest and weed control - will host the Creepiest Scorpion Encounter Contest and award its winner $1,000 cash. The contest is open to Maricopa County residents 18 years of age or older, who are not employees of landscaping or pest control companies. Entries will be accepted until midnight Wednesday, June 25, 2014.

Bug & Weed Mart Owner, Jim LaBrie, is asking participants to submit a brief written description of their creepiest scorpion encounter (250 words or less), along with an original photo or video. The photo or video can provide an up-close look at the actual scorpion, a theatrical reenactment of the encounter, or a retelling of the creepy story. Contestants are encouraged to make their entries creative and compelling.

"In 35 years in the DIY pest control business, we've heard about some truly spine-chilling scorpion encounters," LaBrie said. "Now we're excited to hear who has the creepiest story of them all."

Submissions should be emailed to The written description should be typed in the body of the email, and include a photo or video. Video should be a link, and a photo can be embedded or attached to the email. No fees or purchases are required to participate.

Once the submission is received Bug & Weed Mart will review and upload entries to Facebook and Twitter. An email confirmation will be sent to participants with the link to the social media posts. They are then encouraged to share with friends. The entries with the most likes/retweets will be selected as finalists.
. The winner will be announced and awarded $1,000 the week of June 30.

Any questions should be directed to Creepiest Scorpion Encounter Contest at

About Bug & Weed Mart
Founded in 1979, Bug & Weed Mart offers professional grade products, equipment and instruction. With a highly experienced staff the retail chain provides free, friendly and easy-to-understand information about all aspects of do-it-yourself pest and weed control. For more information on Bug and Weed Mart's services and five valley-wide locations visit

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