Creative NotionNote App Has Been Released In The App Market

Do not misunderstand NotionNote with a simple note-taking app. It is much more than just a simple note-taking app!

NotionNote has been released. Now, no more searching for a paper and a pen to take essential notes. Because with the help of this app, your creative notes are just a click away! NotionNote debuts with first ever innovative and collaborative note-taking app which comes to life with all your ideas, stories and thoughts into one place. Aside from just taking notes, this app allows you to attach pictures, audio, videos, locations, drawings and much more to your notes; and it also includes functionalities such as background templates, air drop, graph, etc.

This app may turn out to be useful for those who are overloaded with so much information. With this app, to stay organized is easier and more fun, as it has got so many things to offer than one might think, like:

1) It is the best note-taking app which is safe, free and handy that allows you to take an endless number of notes.

2) Aside from composing just a simple note, it has the ability to improve your drawing skill with amazing tools like writing pad, enormous colors, multiple size brushes, adjustable size, add different shapes and images as well as captured photographs to enhance more your drawing skill.

3) The list of notes you make will be displayed with its thumb image, title, date and time of its creation.

4) While constructing any note you can instantly capture images or shoot videos and can also fetch from your gallery. You will be able to record your voice and can attach to your note.

5) You can tag your notes with your current location or say any location can be easily connected to your note, that too just in one touch.

6) You can use DropBox account as your backup tool and be on a safer side as you will be able to import/export your notes from DropBox and upload it on DropBox respectively.

7) You can share and search for any existing notes with great ease. And the unique thing about this app is that you can share your notes across any platform like iPhone, Android, Window, Mac and many more. This sharing feature can help you to collaborate with your friends easily.

This app has got so much to offer to their users and having this app is far better than having any other simple note-taking apps on your device. With this app you can stay organized with more fun and your life will become smooth in an amazingly beautiful manner. It has the ability to save all that you love and manage them nicely for your future use, On The Go! So, "Be ready to trigger your memory back in an innovative manner with one and only NotionNote, an awesome note-taking app!"

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