Creative Legislative Solutions Expresses Gratitude to Our Military and Their Families

As Memorial Day 2011 approaches, the staff of Creative Legislative Solutions would like to express our deepest gratitude to the selfless men and women in uniform and their families who serve and protect our country, our freedoms and our way of life.

"Memorial Day is not a time for politics or partisanship, it is a day for us all to reflect on the freedoms we enjoy, on the sacrifices our military men and women and their families make, and on ways to express our gratitude and appreciation to our all-volunteer military and their amazing families," Says Jim Lantry, founder and principal of Creative Legislative Solutions, a boutique government affairs and advocacy firm. "So many have given so much to keep our country free. We owe them much more than just our gratitude."

Creative Legislative Solutions has focused on the needs of service members and their families for over a decade. Since 2001 the firm has played an active role in proposing and acting on "outside of the box" ideas to ensure the availability of quality, affordable housing for members of the military and their families throughout California.

"The Department of Defense estimates that at the beginning of the decade some 5,000 military families were forced to live in Tijuana due to the lack of affordable on-base housing in San Diego," Lantry recalls. "To deny these brave men and women the means to live in the very country they were defending was unconscionable."

In 2004, Lantry and Creative Legislative Solutions proposed and passed California SB 451 (Ducheny, D-40). The bill cleared the way for the construction of quality, on-base affordable housing for military families stationed in California. As a result, tens of thousands of military family housing units have been built or renovated across the state. But one potential obstacle remained, so this year Lantry proposed a final piece of legislation.

"The current bill - Senate Bill 314 (Vargas, D-40) - comes on the heals of many years of work and previous efforts to make sure that not only is appropriate housing available for our service members and their families, but that it is affordable to them. The current bill removes the final roadblocks to suitable, properly maintained and financially viable housing solutions for thousands of military men and women and their families stationed in California. I congratulate Senator Vargas for his support of our military men and women and their families and I am thrilled that this bill is moving forward. I am honored to support this effort and to give back a small measure of my gratitude to those who continue to sacrifice so much for us all," explains Lantry.

Senate Bill 314 has passed out of the senate and will now be heard in the Assembly.


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