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Create Smoky, Magnetic Eyes with Sublime New Yves Rocher Eye Shadow Palettes

This Winter, Yves Rocher brings out their exciting eyeshadow range - perfect for packing a punch as the festive seasons arrives. From subtle to dramatic looks, Yves Rocher have it covered.

Fresh new beauty trends are coming in waves this winter, just in time to address the usual New Year's resolution commitments from women everywhere. Top-shelf beauty companies such as Yves Rocher , from the world's hub of beauty in France, are now offering their new takes on loveliness and how to coax it to the max with eye products that enhance, get attention, and captivate.

This season's stunning new eye shadow combinations offer more than just another pretty face. Yves Rocher's recent botanical research has led to the production of a sophisticated line of makeup that improves the skin, even as it beautifies the wearer. Inositol*, an essential ingredient in rice extract, is an antioxidant that is coming into its own as an aid to wide-range healing applications. Employed in the formula for these beautiful new eye shadows, inositol is noted for eliciting the natural radiance of the skin.

Because of the revolutionary benefits offered by the new botanicals, the 2012-2013 winter line of eye colours has a creamy, easily blend-able quality. These shadows go on in a single gesture and possess a fine, velvety texture that covers the lid smoothly and effortlessly. Long-lasting, flake-free, and elegant, the new eye shadow botanicals produce an image that can match any mood, from subtle to dramatic.

Several new colour combinations are at the top of the list of special Yves Rocher eye shadow offerings for the 2012 winter season. One of the boldest is the Colour Pop, featuring a range of duos that partner a sultry ultramarine with shimmering gold, a deep teal green with an attractive off-white, and a bright turquoise with an earthy beige. All of the palettes that make up the Colour Pop combos are designed for the creation of intense eyes that embrace life in a big, unabashed manner.

The Colour Fit is a collection that spans three comprehensive, day-to-night eye shadow combinations. A warm amber hue is paired with a neutral sand for daily wear, a flattering verdigris partners with a deep khaki for use on practically any occasion, and a dark navy shade called Night Blue combines with a light azure for knockout evening wear.

Yves Rocher's Basic-Chic eye shadows will be the go-to duos for eye fashion this season. A gorgeous plum and taupe, a smoky grey and black, and a brown and pink combination are all colour palettes that go well with any eye colour or skin tone. Also appropriate for any time of day or event, the Basic-Chic line offers an unbeatable spectrum of professional colour duos that elicit the ultimate in glamour and appeal.

Radiantly appealing and a blessing for the skin, the newest line of botanicals are considered the easiest yet to apply, most trouble-free, and longest-lasting combinations of eye shadows yet offered. It makes sense to investigate the dynamic colour combinations of these splendid botanicals.

For more in-depth details about these highly beneficial eye shadows, please visit the Yves Rocher website at http://www.yves-rocher.co.uk/. They make a game-changing New Year's resolution.


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