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Couples Showers? Nah, Welcome Your Baby With A ManShower™!

Introducing the world's first party-planning website for soon-to-be and existing Dads; ManShower™ - where legendary Dads are born!

Why should moms have all the fun when celebrating newborn babies? The time has come for men to do more than just pass out cigars to their buddies when their son or daughter is born. The world is long overdue for The ManShower™, the first party-planning website with soon to be and existing Dads in mind.

Created by Men for Men who are finally ready to play their MAN card, the ManShower™ revolutionizes the concept of the baby shower and gives every Dad a chance to celebrate his day, his way. No dude likes to plan a party, but every guy loves to attend a fun party. And that's where ManShower™ comes in.

Select the critically acclaimed "Legacy" baby shower theme at, and you can download a listing of events and a competitive, comprehensive (and FUN!) plan for what you need to throw the party of a lifetime. Play games, drink and eat, and give gifts just like the ladies do, but walk away feeling like a legendary ROCK STAR!

Beverage slams with baby bottles? Diaper throwing contests between friends? It's all possible thanks to ManShower™, which ensures that any Dad around the world will go from ordinary to legendary when celebrating the arrival of their newborn.

And if you are still not a Dad, perhaps the idea of a ManShower™ inspires you to change your mind. Or now you can at least easily download the party plan so you can host the party of the century for your best buddy who is a Dad.
Don't be the only Dad on your block to miss out on the ManShower™ phenomenon that is taking the world by storm. To help you put the BOOM! into your party and for more information visit And we are also crushing it on social media:

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