Could You Be the Right Person to Sell Rhino Seeds' New Super Cheese?

A fantastic opportunity has arisen giving you the opportunity to apply to work for Rhino Seeds. If you've got the knowledge and the enthusism for cannabis seeds then see here for more information...

Thanks to their amazing selection of premium quality cannabis seeds, Rhino Seeds is officially a success. This has brought so many welcome visitors to their colourful site that they are now able to invite someone with good knowledge of cannabis seeds to apply for a new role just created. This is an incredible opportunity to work for one of the leading cannabis seed companies, which will put you at the forefront of their enterprise and give you a job you can be very proud of. When you start you will get to work with all of Rhino Seeds amazing strains including their new Advanced Female Seeds stock due for release just after Valentine's Day.

Your role will involve dealing with all customer enquiries, so you will need to be able to wax lyrical about THC, yield, different strains and their particular characteristics and be able to explain why one seed is more perfect for someone's needs than another as well as getting to know all the latest seed bank news and latest strains. Luckily, Rhino Seeds only stocks seeds that meet their strict vetting process so your job should be a happy walk in the park.

You will most certainly be involved with their new releases as they are often so hotly anticipated that people queue up waiting for the moment they are released. The all new selection of Advanced Female Seeds is a perfect example of this. Currently they are sold out, and they haven't even been released yet! This incredible selection of seeds includes: the aptly named 'Knockout (K.O)' which has an overwhelming THC content way over the 15% mark; the high yield champion 'Icebreaker' which again has a THC level of more than 15%; and the funky Blueberry Twist which is one of the most dramatic cannabis seed strains available on the market right now.

So do you think you have what it takes to handle their epic new strain: 'Super Cheese'? Can you talk white widow until it's coming out of your ears? If so, then you will be joining one of the happiest teams in the land. What's more, you can even work from home to do this job which could well be your dream come true.

Rhino Seeds are really excited about this new position and hope you are too. Their new batch of Advanced Female Seeds are just the tip the iceberg when it comes to exploring and sourcing all the best cannabis seeds the world has to offer. Get your CV off to Rhino Seeds today and you could be knee deep in 'Super Cheese' in no time.


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