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Could a Professional Shredding Firm Save You Money?

It is a legal requirement to shred confidential documents but are you doing it effectively? A Cheshire businessman explains why you should pay for a professional.

If you shred confidential documents within your premises you probably think you have everything covered. Firstly, you should be congratulated as you are doing more than most.

However, did you know that getting a professional company like Topwood Ltd to do the job could actually save you money?

You may wonder how paying for a service which you currently carry out could save you cash. Well, Topwood's Managing Director Tom Gilruth explains how confidential shredding works best.

Have you ever considered how many pieces of paper your in-house shredder can manage to shred at any one time? In truth it is probably around 10 - 25 sheets of clean paper.

You should also consider how long it takes you to remove all the paper clips and staples?

How many times does your in-house shredder jam?

How long do your staff members spend in attempting to get it working again?

And on how many occasions do you end up calling out an engineer? A number of in-house shredders break down and need to be replaced in a 12 month period.

Then there is the mess involved, emptying the machine frequently results in shredded paper all over the floor which is an increased work pressure for the cleaners.

In addition, you also need to consider who you get to remove the shredded paper.

It is well known that if staff are faced with tasks which involve hassle, it is not uncommon for them to delay doing it. Your company is then left with confidential content hanging around the office or ending up in the standard waste paper bin.

As a company, under the Data Protection Act of 1998 you have a legal obligation to ensure that confidential waste is dealt with appropriately.

You have to ensure it is both stored and, where necessary, destroyed correctly. Under section 55A the law states companies can be fined up to half a million pounds for breach of this responsibility. So it is imperative that your company knows and adheres to its obligations.

A professional shredding company can take that headache away for and your business. Topwood Ltd offer two confidential shredding services bespoke to your company's needs. It offers on-site (mobile) shredding and off-site confidential shredding. Both services are secure with certificates of destruction provided. This can be a shredding service from as little as 10p per kilo - if your company meets our terms and conditions. Our service would give you a Certificate of Shredding and a guaranteed chain of custody for your waste.

If you weigh this up against your financial accounts and a possible fine through the Data Protection Act, can you afford not to use a professional shredding service?

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