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A store for animal onesies, swimwear, kidswear, sleepwear and loungewear

Cosy Pajamas is one of the largest online stores for loungewear and sleepwear, animal onesies, etc. All the clothes are well-designed for both men and women. The themes and pattern are taken from the reputed TV shows such as Pokemon, Monsters Inc, SpongeBob, etc that attract men, women and children most. All kinds of traditionally designed, yet stylish and comfortable dresses are available in this store.

Its prime store is in China and Japan, but they supply dresses to Australia, the UK, the US and Europe.

Why Choose Cosy Pajamas?

This is a large store where men and women can get all kinds of animal onesies, nightgowns, robes, cute minion pajamas, Daniel Buchlar Deluxe pajamas, Popeye T-shirt, winter Fleece Bathrobe, Love polka Pajamas, fancy night gowns, etc. Men and women of all ages can get all kinds of funny and fancy dresses. Besides these, all kinds of luxury swim dresses are also available here at an affordable price.

Serving countries

Cosy Pajamas has a wider supply chain of their dresses in Europe, USA, UK, and Australia, Netherlands. As soon as they get the order, they deliver it to the doorstep of the customers.

Women dresses:

There is a wide collection of women dress in the store of Cosy Pajamas.

Pajamas and pants and night gowns:
For getting various types of fancy pajamas and pants for women, this store offers lots of varieties. SpongeBob Collections, Pokemon Kigurumi dresses, Chiffon night gowns, Floral Cotton nightgowns and sleepwear, Butterfly Sleeve Draped White night gowns, Comfort Robes, Fleece Robes and Bathrobes, etc. are the feature collection of the store.

Medieval vintage nightgowns:
The medieval dress collections for women bring back women the dresses of the medieval age. By maintaining the same trend; the fancy dress store has brought medieval vintage nightgowns. They give women softer and smarter feeling.

Dresses for men:
Men of all ages get Panda fleece, Red and blue fleece, Animal Cat Print fleece, etc. and other variations of menswear. The customers also will get a set of these dresses for men and women to dress-up for some fancy party or a family get-together.

Swim dresses:

Swimming dresses for both men and women are available here. The specialty of these dresses is they offer high class comfort and fashion. These dresses are so designed that women get their hot and attractive look, and men can get a smart-fit sensation.

Reliable shipping services:

The company has three types of shipping services: Free, Standard and Express shipping. For free shipping services, the customers get their order in 9 to15 days according to the country they are based on. Standard shipping delivers the dresses in 9 to12 days with an additional charge per product. And for express shipping, the customers get their order in 6 to 8 days with a higher additional cost per product. All types of shipping services are secure and reliable.

For more information about the company, visit the website of the company.

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