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Cosmetic Packaging Sector Constantly Growing in the Period 2013-2018

Not many industries are improving the times of the financial crisis, but there are exceptions. A study has revealed that the cosmetic packaging industry can expect a continous grwoth until 2018

With the economic crisis finally coming to an end in several countries, new prospects for growth are opening up on the global market. The cosmetic packaging industry is undoubtedly one of the industries that are going to profit.

This was revealed in the study "Cosmetic Packaging Market by Type, Material, Application, Packaging Machinery & Geography - Global Trend & Forecast to 2018", published in December 2013 by the prestigious market research agency Research And Markets.

The data published in this research shows that the cosmetic packaging industry is among the many branches of the general packaging, one of the most promising industries with a continuing increase in demand in the coming years.

From now to 2018, the sales growth of the companies operating in this particular field of production will stabilize at around +5.4 %, and the lion's share will be in the Asian market, where consumers can expect a steady improvement in the standard of living.

Ready to face these new global challenges is the leading Italian manufacturer Bormioli Rocco, that with its high quality packaging solutions is one of the most demanded producers by companies that operate in the field of cosmetics at 360 °.

The cosmetic containers(http://www.bormioliroccopackaging.com/) for perfumes and beauty products from Bormioli Rocco are available in the extensive catalog and in addition can be customized to order according to the customer's needs and requirements: a service which allows you to personalize your products and thereby increasing attractiveness to the consumers.

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