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Cool Gadgets Wholesaler Ankaka Releases New Cool Electronics Electric Shock Game

Lightning Reaction Revenge Reloaded Electric Shock Game will be a perfect one to add spark to life.Cool Gadgets Wholesaler Ankaka Releases Cool Electronics New Electric Shock Game.

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Cool Gadgets Wholesaler Ankaka Releases New Cool Electronics Electric Shock Game.A lot of party games tend to have a pretty simple objective or purpose designed around facilitating a fun environment, but the traditional party fare can get a bit stale sometimes. For those with quick who seek a fun challenge and want to add a little spark, read on.

The Cool Electronics 4-People Lightning Reaction Revenge Reloaded New Electric Shock Game's core concept is similar to that of red-light green-light, but with an amusing twist; press the center button to start playing a sound. When the sound stops and the flashing light changes color, press the button quickly on the conduit or get zapped. Two to four players can participate.

The game works exceptionally well as a drinking game (anyone that gets zapped takes a drink), and can be adjusted so that everyone except the person with the fastest reflexes gets shocked, instead of just the slowest person--great if people prefer a bit of extra incentive to act quickly.

Look no further if people're looking to add a little extra personality to the party game collection.

This Cool Electronics Key Functions:

Great to challenge the reaction
Funny and exciting: Designed with adjustable shock mode
Perfect drinking game for parties: whoever gets shocked has to drink
Easy to play: just press the center button to start, when the sound stops and light goes from red to green the last player to press the button gets an electric shock!

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