"Cool" Catholic Singers Needed For Live Performances

As the Lenten Season draws near, voices are needed for the "I'm Catholic Cool Choir"

February 2012 marks the beginning of many live performances by E. Walter Smith and the I'm Catholic Cool Choir. They will be will be performing their signature song, "I'm Catholic Cool" at select choir competitions and special events during Lent.

The choir is comprised of people from all walks of life...all races...all ages.. all cultures... and lovers of all types of music...you know, just like the Catholic faith!

"We are really excited about the upcoming opportunities to perform "I'm Catholic Cool." It's one thing to produce a song in the studio, but because we have blended, Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Opera, Dance and Rock N Roll, and Gospel into this song it's going to be fun for everybody to sing it live," says Smith.

The first performance will be February 25, 2012.

There will be two rehearsals. One the week of February 13th and again the week of February 20th.

Click here to listen to the song http://www.imcatholiccool.com/News---Media.html

IF YOU WANT TO BE PART OF THE CHOIR please contact us at


More on I'm Catholic Cool:

"The song is the theme song of 'The I'm Catholic Cool Project," says co-founder Bridget C Lewis. "The organization's main purpose is to provide a way for all Catholics to embrace their wholeness as individuals through the practice of their Faith, their social connectedness and physical well being." http://www.ImCatholicCool.com

To creatively represent almost every diverse facet of the Catholic Church, Smith collaborated with some of the best that the music industry has to offer. After crafting the lyrics and melody Smith called Wizard Jones (Justin Bieber, TLC, New Edition, Tony Braxton, and SOS Band) to write and co-produce the Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop/Gospel track. John Henry Johnson, Jr (Akon, Colby O'Donis, YoYo) provided recording consulting for the I'm Catholic Cool Choir. The choir parts were arranged by Steven Lee and recorded at Christ Our Hope Catholic Church in Lithonia, Georgia by Ray Hunt. Solo and background vocals were recorded by Larry 'LaRue' Cianelli (Michael Jackson, Destiny's Child, EnVogue, Keith Sweat) and final mixing and mastering was done by Darryl Swann (Black Eyed Peas, Macy Gray, Mos Def, Stevie Wonder, LA Reid).

The song's opening chant of
"I'm cool, I'm Catholic cool"
is performed by the "I'm Catholic Cool Choir." The ICCC is a multi-ethnic, multi-racial choir representing ages 12 - 75 and over 10 countries blending all of their God given accents and dialects into a Heavenly harmony.

Smith says, "Much of the inspiration for the song came from my experience of having been Catholic all of my life. I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly and even left the church for a while during my early twenties. However, there is a central theme that I have come to live by that seems to be consistent with what I understand as God's charge for me:
"I'm not here to judge you
I only want to love you
I won't put you under a microscope
I'll just remind you that Christ is our hope."

"I'm Catholic Cool" takes you on a musical journey that tastefully and effectively cross- pollinates several genres. A critically acclaimed singer, known for his honey baritone on ballads and Pop/R&B cuts, Smith opens the song with a smooth, soothing and captivating rap and then transitions into a vocal that you would expect to hear on Coco Brother or Bobby Jones Gospel. Sisters, Alyssa and Sydney Martinez along with Stefan John and Steven Mattia rap to the world about how God's love for them gives them the courage and the power to love themselves and be role models for other "tweens and teens."

In stark contrast, Judy Miranda's operatic "I'm Catholic Cool" serves as an angelic complement to I Am Who Rhymes' percussive lip art and cross generational rap inviting you to repent, reconcile and rejoice in the Lord.

In classic gospel-revival form Linda Davie sings:

"If you've been gone for a while come hear the Good News
God's still in business and He's counting on you!"

Lacing the final chorus with his brassy woodwind is saxophonist Derwin Daniels (Sugarfoot's Ohio Players). Daniel's jazzy "Old Skool" riffs complete the musical smorgasbord for every "Cool Catholic" around the world.

"I'm Catholic Cool" is a breath of fresh air that blows away some of the Church's dark clouds of controversy and clears a path for evangelization and participation for all Catholics.

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