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We are devoted to providing the best Server hosting around.Quality Minecraft server hosting with premium features starting at $5.99 per month. Don't pay extra for premium features, go with the Pro!

Constructing from textured cubes, hunting, gathering resources and those combats with various other players can once again be relived from the comfort of homes as ProMinecraftHost releases their solution to the best minecraft server hosting. Their secure plans entail that no hidden costs are incurred by the user and that the best experience is brought in hosting the server for their much loved game. Add to it the ease of use of their control panel, Multicraft, server management could not have been any more quicker. Premium or otherwise, all users are equipped with the advantage of this rich featured control panel that makes for their management experience all the more smooth.

In the past, many players lost out on the true Minecraft experience for the difficulty of server hosting. Becoming a private host requires a tremendous amount of expertise which is not available in the exhaustive how-to manuals over the internet. Moreover, many paid minecraft hosting services come with perplexing interfaces that may confuse the first-time user. ProMinecraftHost not only alleviates stress in this regard by providing user-friendly set-ups, they also have a dedicated 24x7 support service that can address the issues of their valuable customers at even the oddest of hours, spanning multiple time zones.

To become a great minecraft host with uninterrupted playtime is now possible with ProMinecraftHost's affordable plans that are sure to lure in even the most discerning of players. The cheap minecraft server hosting is one the major highlights, among a host of others. Another brilliant feature is the extensive monitoring of nodes such that the hosting is never oversold. Routine checks are performed on the nodes to ensure that enough resources are present to accommodate all servers perfectly. Adding to the element of ease is their dedicated IP that makes servers run on the default port, 25565, translating to the fact that players needn't go through the hassle of entering port numbers while connecting.

Their Auto-Install Mod feature surely emerges a winner as users are given the choice to select the mods they want to run, which is thereby installed by the server. Further, if the desired mods are not prompted, ProMinecraftHost installs it for no additional costs at all. Availability of data for a considerable period of time also sees feature as back-ups are created every morning to store plugins, their setting files and of course, worlds. Minecraft hosts may find it reliable since data written over a period of 7 days are conveniently stored.

Unlimited slots and free of cost full-access of FTP clients account for an even better minecraft hosting experience. Freedom from limited slots allows for a wide range of player-slots adjustability and is available with all packages. And to fuel the loading of worlds even further, cutting down on the waiting time, Solid State Drives are specially equipped to host servers. All these features are bound to pique the interest of a Minecraft enthusiast, who would find a lot more in store after entering the world of ProMinecraftHost at

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