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Contribution Of Dr. Mullan to Genetic Treatments

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USA, Treating genetic diseases and disorders is what Dr. Mullan specializes in. Based in United States, this scientist focuses his research on the devising treatments for genetic diseases. The doctor worked at Roskamp laboratories from the years 1994 to 1998. This scientist was the director there, and later went on to become the co-director in Alzheimer's disease Research Laboratories. One can get to know more about him from various roles that Dr. Michael Mullan performs presently include CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of Archer Pharmaceuticals Inc, CEO of the Roskamp Institute, President of Sci-Brain, Chairman of the Board, and CEO of Star Scientific Inc. The mission, on which Dr. Mullan is working on, is the identification and cure of neurodegenerative diseases. Variety of options and channels are present within the institute, which are working to achieve the same goal.

Dr. Mullan is also known for his research and teaching in the University of South Florida. Thus, Florida and Sarasota are his oldest beneficiaries. At Roskamp institute, he was one of the few scientists who discovered a gene that was the source for Alzheimer's disease. His expertise and knowledge has been a great boon for the university and have done great contributions for its growth and development in research.

Roskamp runs a memory disorder clinic under his supervision. Dr. Mullan was Roskamp endowed and he was the professor of biological psychiatry there. Today, this institute works to find out the causes and the reasons behind such terrible diseases, which change a person's life for the worst. The popular topics for research include cerebrovascular research, Alzheimer's disease and inflammation.

The neurologist and his research have been of great help to the community. It is his research that has proven that certain genetic variations may lead to the occurrence of Alzheimer's. A certain protein which holds a cardinal place in the process of brain damage, during the disease, can lead to sudden behavioral changes in patients and also memory loss. His research work has lead to the testing and heavy-duty consultations and discussions among scientists, which helped in garnering new treatment procedures for Alzheimer's. The development of potentially critical advances through these researches, have helped in fighting Alzheimer's in many ways.

The Roskamp Institute has been able to receive a contract from Counterdrug Technology Assessment Center which is a wing of the office of National Drug Control Policy. All this happened, due to the sheer efforts of the neurologist. This contract dealt with a research on the proteomics and genomics of drug abuse. This analysis and research is being done with the help of diverse kinds of tissue sources. Also, through analysis is done about the drug-exposed and non-exposed cells.

Dr. Mullan has determined to find ways to conclude these diseases through various safe treatments that can be done on patients with this disease. If one has to know more about his research, then he should definite visit His work sure is inspirational and praiseworthy. Many scientists are following his footsteps.

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