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Harrison Heating Services were established in 1982. We are a company with unrivalled experience of the central heating & plumbing market. We are registered with Gas Safe and our work is subject to regular checks from Gas Safe inspectors.

If last winter was anything to go by, then we should think about preparing our homes for when the temperature begin to drop and the snow starts to fall. A warm home can provide much needed respite from the harsh conditions outside so it is important that you have a good boiler system in place to keep your home or office warm. One of the most reliable and safest ways to heat an entire home is to invest in a reliable central heating system. If you already have a reliable central heating system, you should have it serviced to ensure that it is in fully working order and running as efficiently as possible.

If you do need a new central heating system or replacement boiler in Southampton, then Harrison Heating can provide the experts you need to help you out. If you need a central heating engineer in Southampton, the engineers from Harrison Heating will be able to provide you with expert advice as to which system would be best for your home, meaning that you get the best possible system for your needs. This can depend on your budget, the number of rooms in your house, the layout of your house and other factors. The local boiler or gas installer in Southampton will be able to provide you with a quote for parts and labour as soon as you have agreed on what system you would like. This quote will be unique to your circumstances, to meet all your requirements.

Getting a new central heating system or replacement boiler in Southampton couldn't be easier. Harrison Heating will arrange to send out an installation engineer at a time which is convenient for you. They employ some of the most well qualified boiler installers in Southampton, so you know that they will carry out all your work in a highly professional and safe manner. All the engineers are registered as "Gas Safe", meaning they are trained to work with gas technology.

All of the Harrison Heating boiler installers in Southampton know how to install a variety of different makes and models of boiler, so you will have a huge degree of choice as to what sort of boiler you want installing. All new systems installed will be highly efficient, so having a new boiler or heating system put in by a professional central heating engineer in Southampton can actually help to save you money on your heating bills in the long run. The boiler or gas installer in Southampton will also be proficient in local building and gas installation regulations, to ensure that your new installation will meet all the regulations set out for your safety.

Although boiler installation takes less than a week in most cases, you may want to consider sorting out your new boiler system or central heating system before the temperatures start to fall, because being left without heat or hot water for even a few hours in the depth of winter can be unpleasant. Being a boiler installer in Southampton during the winter can be an incredibly busy job, because some people only decide to get a new boiler installed once the weather turns nasty. Coupled with the amount of boiler repair which our engineers are called out to do, on old, unreliable boilers which have never been serviced, winter can be a very busy period. If you want to have a new boiler installed well before the cold weather sets in, so you will be prepared for when the weather changes, you should contact Harrison Heating as soon as possible to discuss your needs!


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