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Conditioning Specialists, Santa Barbara Training Studio, Creates New Fitness Challenge for February

Santa Barbara Training Studio, Conditioning Specialists, features a new fitness challenge for their clients each month. For the month of February, Conditioning Specialists is featuring the 5/100 Challenge.

Conditioning Specialists is one of the elite private training studios in Santa Barbara and has a team known for their extensive knowledge in fitness and nutrition. Trainer, Erin Holt, believes that "creating challenges for the entire studio to participate in, increases the level of competition and fun that keep the clients happy". For this reason the team of fitness professionals at Conditioning Specialists create a new challenge each month designed to push their clients to their potential while maintaining a fun and competitive environment.

This month, the fitness studio is featuring the '5/100 challenge'. This challenge allows each participating client to track their growth as the number of reps required will increase each week. There are 5 exercise to be completed in 20 reps each for the first week, then increased to 40 reps each exercise for the second week, then 60 reps for week three, 80 reps for week four, and finally in the final and fifth week 100 reps are to be completed for each exercise.

Each fitness client who is competing in the challenge will have their name on the chalkboard wall so that all clients can track their progress and see their growth from the first week of 20 reps to the final week of 100 reps. The trainers at Conditioning Specialists welcome every and any fitness client of theirs to participate in this month's challenge. To learn more about Conditioning Specialists, all they do, and how you can compete in this month's challenge please visit

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