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Competitive, Quality Car Respray Costs Are More Affordable Than You May Think

Just because your car has damage doesn't mean that it has to stay that way. One call to Barrie Laurie Smash Repairs can get everything fixed from glass repair to car respray services.

Over 50,000 persons were injured involving motor vehicles in 2007 and 2008. Of those injuries, over 60% were due to on-road accidents according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Vehicle insurance companies will reportedly require at least one quote for repairs such as body work and car respray costs from qualified professionals. Laurie Barrie Smash Repairs is prepared, they already work with many car insurance companies, and are ready to assist when disaster has struck.

Using only PPG Automotive paint for all car respray repairs, Laurie Barrie Smash Repairs can match just about any color with industry leading quality. PPG Automotive paints are trusted for their capabilities in supplying car respray coatings as needed for vehicle repairs. This capability has come from strategic leverage and purchasing of competing companies to form PPG Automotive Paints.

Laurie Barrie Smash Repairs utilizes a Semi-Down Draft Truck & Car Baking Booth by Monarch Industries. This precision manufactured booth, using the "5 tick" Australian Standard, is the only cyclone rated booth in Australia. This dedication to the customer receiving the best quality for their money is only one step that Laurie Barrie Smash Repairs takes to ensure quality repairs are done.

Keeping things simple and easy on the customer is at the core of Laurie Barrie Smash Repairs. This is accomplished by keeping working relationships with most major car insurance companies which keeps turnaround times lower and less hassling for the customer. While repair times vary based on the damage, Lauri Barrie Smash Repairs' qualified staff will do their best to keep them short and quick without having quality suffer.

Car respray costs are skyrocketing across Australia, Laurie Barrie Smash Repairs does their best to keep them as low as possible through smart business practices and qualified staff that get the repair job done right the first time. Don't drive a car that looks like a rolling wreck, call Laurie Barrie Smash Repairs and get it fixed, right.

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