Compass to Care, A Nonprofit Childhood Cancer Organization, Introduces "Send a DINA DOLL Home For The Holidays - To A Child Braving Cancer

2000 DINA DOLLS to be donated and 100% of proceeds help children with cancer travel for treatment

Compass to Care Childhood Cancer Foundation announced its holiday campaign "SEND A DINA DOLL HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS...to a child braving cancer." For a $20 donation, Compass to Care will send a Dina Doll to a child who will be in the hospital over the holidays, on the donor's behalf. 100% of the donation for each doll will support the mission of Compass to Care.

Over 12,500 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. When cancer strikes children, families face substantial out-of-pocket medical costs. Even with insurance, the deductibles and co-payments can be extremely expensive. Added to this complex financial environment, 40% of all children braving cancer must travel at least 60 miles to reach the closest pediatric oncologist. When this long-distance travel becomes necessary, many families struggle to manage the added expenses. Compass to Care helps offset these non-medical costs by paying for all travel arrangements so they don't have to worry about how they will get to the hospital for her care. The proceeds from each Dina Doll will benefit Compass to Care families.

"So many people are looking for a simple way to make a difference during the holidays. Our Send Dina Home for the Holidays campaign is a perfect way to help children with cancer," commented Michelle M. Ernsdorff, Compass to Care founder. "100% of the money raised by this campaign will be used to help children travel for cancer treatment. So, in addition to giving a child in the hospital a special gift, our donors will also help another travel for cancer care. It really is a simple way to make a difference in the lives of two children," Ernsdorff added.

SEND A DINA DOLL HOME, TO A CHILD BRAVING CANCER, FOR THE HOLIDAYS will run from November 23, 2012 (Black Friday) to December 23, 2012. The Foundation is seeking to send 2000 Dina Dolls home. The proceeds will enable the Foundation to pay for over 200 trips to the hospital for children with cancer. Individuals can have a Dina Doll donated on their behalf by visiting www.DinaDoll.org

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