Compaq International Takes Its Range to the Next Level

Compaq International ( announces their progress in the field of Cable Jointing Kit and promises to bring in more products with their extensive investment in research and development

Compaq International ( has been known to the world for offering the international quality of power cable accessories at the most honest rates and prices. Their unique range of products was recently updated, after their Research & Development section completed their work on designing, developing and manufacturing "Cold Shrinkable" Concept of termination and joints up to 36 kV. Their entire range of products is now available for Indian and international firms and would remain one of the most unique product collection by any company in days to come.

"Our company has spent millions in Research & Development, and we have worked extensively hard in offering a range that includes Cable Jointing Kit, terminations, insulators, and cable accessories. With the new "Cold Shrinkable" Concept of termination & Joints up to 36 kV project being completed, this would only add to the list of cold shrink cable accessories. This is a part of the heat shrinkable cable jointing systems available up to 66 kV, and we are already looking ahead in the field in more ways than one. Our range includes the much known and celebrated Shrink Fit trademark, which remains the market leader not just in India, but around the world," said one of the marketing and promotion heads at Compaq international.

The company has developed its complete range and Shrink Fit trademark with the help of a team that includes the best of design engineers of the country and abroad. "All that we offer today is a sheer pleasure because the team that works behind the entire research, development and production. With over three decades of realistic experience in the development of jointing & terminating MV cables, our team has worked with extreme patience with complete understanding of the current technology. We make it a point to create new things with extreme levels of precise perceptive of the needs of our customers, which includes the best names in the world of power and technology," said the managing director of Compaq International at a press conference.

With new projects already under development and amazing investments in R&D activities with clear idea of having better innovations, the company is already on the route to success. They maintain the best of National & Inter-National quality standards, which is unique in its own way to meet the customer's specific needs as expected. As quality & innovation remain the focus, the future for Compaq International and its customers is certainly positive.

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