Compaq International Leads the List of Tap Off Connectors Manufacturers in India, Promises More to Come!

Summary: Counted among the best tap off connectors manufacturers in India, Compaq international ( is now looking ahead to more design concepts and innovative work in related fields.

Taking a lead among tap off connectors manufacturers in India and abroad, Compaq International ( is all set to plunge into different areas of power cable accessories with new ideas. In a recent press meet, the company honchos went on to talk of the various products and accessories that the company has been dealing with, along with hints on the further research and development work, for which the company is well known internationally.

"With more than three decades of work in the field of power cable accessories and adjoining areas, we have reached a stage where our clients and patrons look at us with immense faith. Today, while we were talking to the media on the current position of tap off connectors manufacturers in India, we had to agree that this country has made significant improvement in comparison with many other nations. What's astonishing is the way Compaq International has pushed the envelope. We would like to thank everyone who has been a part of our success," said the managing director of the company.

Over the years, Compaq International has worked in all aspects of best quality of power cable accessories with some amazing developments in the field of cable jointing & terminating MV cables. The recent press conference has held to bring attention to the hard work that the company is known for. "Our practical experience in the field of cable jointing cannot be overlooked by any means, and all of this has only been possible because design engineers of the team worked for more than three decades on the same. Unless we had an exceptional team like this, Compaq International would never have surged on the top of the market," continued the managing director.

On being asked on the further work of the company, the marketing head went on to say, "While we work on advanced materials, best of modern technology and design concepts, there is always a need to look ahead and we completely understand the anticipations from different quarters of the industry. However, at this moment, we are unable to make a commitment on the deadlines as the R&D team needs some time to talk on the current projects, but we assure our patrons that something big is about to happen for the industry. We are planning new things and making the most of the technical advancements in the field."

Compaq International is currently tightlipped about their new projects, but if hints and insiders are to be believed, there are new things in pipeline to be announced.

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