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Company Announcing Line of Truck Heaters Designed to Save on Fuel Costs

Every year, thousands of professional truck drivers overspend on fuel simply because of the need to idle their engines during overnight trips.

Every year, thousands of professional truck drivers overspend on fuel simply because of the need to idle their engines during overnight trips. Lubrication Specialists now carries specialized truck heaters that allow drivers to stay warm without wasting fuel.

When truck drivers embark on cross country trips to deliver or pick up cargo, they often need to stop at some point to rest. While many trucks are equipped with comfortable bunk areas, the only way to stay warm is to idle the engine so that the heater can stay running. Obviously, this leads to increased fuel costs and can really dig into a driver's bottom line.

Lubrication Specialists recognized this problem in the industry and is now announcing their line of quality Espar parts and heaters that act as a separate heating entity in the cab of the truck. By running on voltage and utilizing a very small amount of diesel fuel to run for hours, drivers can create the comfortable atmosphere they desire without flushing fuel (and money) down the drain. Like any other business, it's important to analyze where the money is going and how efficiently it is being spent. In the trucking industry, fuel waste is a major problem that these heaters are beginning to address.

Because every truck is a bit different, Lubrication Specialists carries a wide selection of heaters from which to choose. A bunk heater is ideal for trucks that have a particularly large space to heat; and a traditional truck heater is available for smaller sleeping spaces. Surprisingly, idling an engine to heat even a compact area can become quite expensive. This is why, regardless of size, these efficient heaters are becoming preferred options for both independent drivers and trucking companies.

To keep costs low, heaters come with everything necessary for installation. This makes them a fantastic investment for trucking companies that are looking to improve their bottom lines and cut down on fuel waste. For independent truckers, this one investment can completely transform their level of efficiency during long trips and allow them to rest comfortably without the lingering thought of wasting precious fuel. As well, Lubrication Specialists has made these Espar parts and heaters easy to order for customers in the trucking industry via their online store at

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Lubrication Specialist is the company that has been on the internet for over 12 years now, serving its customers with the best Espar diesel heaters at reasonable prices.

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Company Name: Lubrication Specialist, LLC.
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Lubrication Specialist
Lubrication Specialist, LLC.
Lubrication Specialist, LLC.
5231 Sugar Hills Dr Greenfield, Indiana
Greenfield, IN 46140
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