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Community4you Presents The Vehicle Procurement Software

The comm.fleet product line of the software manufacturer community4you in Chemnitz is now complemented by, the innovative software for a transparent vehicle procurement and approval process. is a professional, proven solution for the procurement of vehicles. From the individual configuration and calculation, the approval process until the final order: bundles all processes of a vehicle procurement program in transparent steps.

By using this software companies save time through simplified workflows, always keep the entire order process at a glance, and optimize their budgets through various bench marking options.

Whether it concerns fleet management companies, car dealerships, banks, leasing corporations or insurance policies, with the vehicle procurement software companies can implement their vehicle configuration on the Web using built-in configuration checks based on data from JATO or EurotaxSchwacke, calculating respective offers and arranging the subsequent procurement or leasing process. allows a transparent comparison of different vehicle configurations, independent of manufacturers and brands. The software supports the mapping of the entire approval process of the vehicle purchase online with the integrated procurement portal. All regulations of the company car policy and complex calculation methods for different lease payment options, as well as user shares or financial benefits can be configured and managed within the system. With the parking function the vehicle procurement tool stores desired vehicles, which can then be edited again at a later moment. Even the use of by external sales multipliers poses no problem.

If needed, can be fully integrated with comm.fleet, with the products for leasing and object management, as well as with the GPS tracking tool comm.gps. Thus, companies have the possibility to easily set up a tailor-made solution for the management of their vehicles and objects.

The procurement software forms part of the comm.fleet product line, consisting of the following mutually compatible systems:

- comm.fleet for fleet management,
- for leasing management,
- comm.object for object management,
- for vehicle procurement and
- comm.gps for vehicle and object tracking. - Vehicle Procurement Software:

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