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Comm.Object: Efficiency For Managing Objects With An Intelligent Software

The object management software comm.object of community4you GmbH is part of the comm.fleet product line for Enterprise Resource Planning.

comm.object - - is a professional, proven and complete solution for the management of objects of any kind which can be adapted to the individual requirements of any company. With the object management software, enterprises are able to reduce costs, win transparency and establish new, streamlined workflows which lead to considerable time savings and a more efficient use of resources. Thus, comm.object is individual, well-arranged, future-proof and protects existing investments.

If required, it is possible to completely integrate comm.object into the comm.fleet product line, both with the fleet management system comm.fleet and the software products for leasing management and comm.gps for GPS and cell phone tracking. Due to the various possibilities for combining the different products and software modules, companies are provided with a customized solution for managing their object portfolio and vehicle fleet.

Whether for buildings, machinery, computers or mobile phones, comm.object offers an integrated master data management for any type of object. In addition to the business partner management for customers, suppliers and service providers, the software includes a specific allocation of tasks to users and employees as well as a centralized document management for manuals, calculations, drawings, graphics and warranty certificates. Moreover, the object management software offers the possibility to efficiently depict cost CVs for each object and a module for invoice capturing and processing. The internal and external hire or reservation of objects, the management of object categories as well as the optimization of object utilization are also possible.

Besides the functions for multilingualism and for the allocation of multiple currencies, the object management software includes a variety of interfaces enabling an unproblematic integration into any system environment. Regardless of the business model of the companies, comm.object adapts to any kind of structure and industry.

Due to many years of practical experience, comm.object enables a complete mapping of all functions and processes in object management. In order to make the operation of comm.fleet as comfortable and easy as possible, the object management software was equipped with a clear structure, a user-friendly interface and short click paths.

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