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Comic Art Collecting Gains Respectibility on the Web

The collecting of comic art is a hobby that is gaining respect in the art community and this week The Dollar Bin guys sit down with Bill Cox the founder of the largest online gathering of comic art collectors on the web.

A day not too far off is coming when serious art collectors will be hanging up their new Jack Kirby or John Byrne along side their Pablo Picasso, Edgar Degas, or Claude Monet.

For those who don't know, Jack Kirby and John Byrne are two of the best known comic book artists and a single action-filled page of Spider-man or Superman from either can command a five-figure price; which puts them in the same league as many more respected main-stream artists.

The collecting of comic art used to be a niche hobby for those who read comics but these days this art form and the collecting of it is cutting across all social and economic boundaries. Prestigious art houses routinely have auctions of original comic art that are bringing in astounding figures.

What makes original comic art so valuable? Until recently most original art pages were thrown away or destroyed by publishers such as Marvel and DC Comics so very little older original art pages were available to be collected.

As more people find out about the availability of original comic art a website was needed for people to meet and show off their collection and possibly sell a few pieces to other collectors. On this week's podcast The Dollar Bin sits down with Bill Cox the creator of to discuss his website and the collecting of original art. With over 500,000 pieces avialable to look through his website is the largest original comic art collecting website in the world.

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