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Collecting Goes Digital and International Thanks To Spanish Firm Stampii

The world of digital collectables is now a reality thanks to Stampii; a Spanish company which has developed and launched at global level a completely new and innovative way for collectors to practice this traditional hobby on their computer or mobile

Following a year in development, the Spanish company Stampii launched in Madrid a universal platform which proposes to break new ground in the entertainment and leisure market: digital collecting.

Innovative technology developed by the company will allow users to acquire, download and collect stampii; a 21st-century version of the traditional lifelong trading card.

• Each stampii that users acquire contains exclusive audiovisual digital content, which includes front-page video, videos, photos, statistics and other information relevant to each unit within the collection.
• The collections increase their value and potential interest thanks to free, daily content updates, which incorporate new photos and videos relevant to each stampii.
• Stampii can be swapped with friends face-to-face using their mobile phone (similar to the traditional trading card stacks or they can browse and make swaps long-distance with other collectors anywhere else in the world, through online social networks.
• Stampii can be bought or given as gifts anytime or anyplace through a system of micro-payments, eliminating the need to go to a newspaper stand, via SMS from their mobile phone, from a prepaid account or by using a credit card.
• Stampii can also be acquired through promotions featuring exclusive promotional codes in newspaper inserts, on-pack consumer products (e.g. pack lids) that can be enjoyed on the spot by activating the codes on a mobile phone or computer.

The company plans to launch two types of collections, swap collectables (stacks containing stampii chosen at random) and subscriber edition collectables (requiring subscription or through periodic deliveries) with a wide range of topics on offer, targeted primarily at teenagers, young adults and adults and which address a wide variety of categories such as sport, cinema, motorsport, entertainment; series, music etc without forgetting other niche but interesting themes such as cooking recipes, fitness regimes, hunting and fishing, fashion etc.

Alex Baixas, Chief Executive, states that "it is difficult to explain all the possibilities that stampii offers you until you've tried it yourself, only then do you understand the full dimension of the concept and the effort that's been put in to bring out the full essence and simplicity of traditional collecting within a digital platform using all the relevant mechanisms and trends related to the digital era. We are convinced that this project will be a resounding success. At present we are cutting deals that will be made public in the near future which will allow us to launch more than eight international collections in more than 10 countries over 2010"

Alfonso Marian, General Creative Director comments that "The aim is to create a new leisure alternative in a digital format, the evidence of which we see today with the launch of digital collectables but it doesn't stop there, in fact we aim to add other types of editorial content moving forward ".

Stampii can be acquired through micro-payments using SMS, prepaid accounts, promotional codes or credit cards. And the cost is as modicum as the traditional trading cards themselves. For just 0.9€ or 1.2€ you can buy a digital stack containing 4,5 or 6 randomly chosen stampii from the exclusive limited series produced and distributed by each collection and which can be downloaded at any time, anywhere on your computer or mobile phone with just a mouse click.

The Stampii platform has been developed to enjoy digital collectables through maximum leverage of digital devices: on computers (PC and MAC) where it is more comfortable to enjoy the full range of audiovisual and infotainment content which is associated to each stampii, and on mobile phones which provide more mobility and spontaneity with a more summarized selection of the information associated to each (Apple [iphone], Symbian [Nokia] and Windows Mobile, although Android and Java will be incorporated soon). This allows users to decide which devices they want to activate and which collections they want to synchronize in each case. The platform offers international services and requires an optimum level of availability which has led to the decision to host the platform in Interxion, the leading supplier of hosting services in independent data centers in Europe, thus guaranteeing quality service and direct connection to the major communication hubs when needed.

User exclusive ownership is an area that has received extra special attention. Each stampii is unique and belongs to an exclusive limited series. To highlight the fact that the user is the exclusive owner of the content they have just acquired, stampii has developed client-centric applications that are downloaded and installed. When stampii are acquired and synchronized they can also be downloaded over the devices activated by the user. Once the stampii are downloaded the local application decodes the content so that they can be enjoyed at any time, with or without Internet connection. Furthermore a database certifies all stampii that are acquired and swapped between users so that the legitimate ownership of each of the stampii belonging to each of the limited series of each collection is identified and recorded at all times.

Jose Laso, Managing Director concludes that " the truth is that it would have been much easier to develop a web-based system of digital collectables, but from the start we realized that true essence of collecting lies in the hands of the collector, whilst giving them adding value and differentiation. The concept and the idea at their core have a tremendous potential for development founded upon the vast range of tastes and preferences that our potential users have, but we are also convinced that the Stampii platform will be called upon to play a relevant role as a communication tool that will contribute to building and positioning brands. As an example, think about the possibilities opened up to brands through their association to any given collection and the values that that collection conveys to consumers; in the field of consumer intelligence, customer relationships and loyalty building and product-specific promotions... the list goes on. And all of this has the added advantage of facilitating homogeneous, integrated campaigns both locally and internationally and the capacity to measure ROI both quantitatively (participation/redemptions) and qualitatively through impact, awareness and brand attributes"

About Stampii

Stampii is an independent digital content company, created and founded in Spain in May 2009 by Alex Baixas, Alfonso Marian and Eduardo Sanchez. Following their first year of development, the company was launched on the 6th April 2010 with the vision that an ideal context exists within which digital collecting can be born and which it can develop, and the mission to become the category benchmark for this new form of collecting in the digital world. Jose Laso is Stampii's Managing Director and Javier Mora, Aitor Satrústegui and Alberto Gonzalez are responsible for the departments handling technological development, sales and marketing and online marketing. Currently Stampii has a staff of 14 professionals. Stampii's head offices are located in Madrid with its development team based in Bulgaria. For more information visit

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