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Collect and Connect to Sqwishland with SqwishConnect

Introducing, the newest FREE app from Sqwishland for your handheld devices, the SqwishConnect.

The most popular and safest virtual world for kids, sqwishland.com, is now giving you the power to collect more Sqwishlanders, get more Sqwash, and find more buddies with a touch of your fingertip while you're on the go.

SqwishConnect allows you to check in to locations with Sqwishland toys, add new buddies, and keep track of how many SqwishCodes you have already entered in the game. The more SqwishCodes you enter, the more Sqwash will be rewarded to you.

Looking for more stores in your area? With just a few taps here and there, SqwishConnect will show you a map that will locate the nearest stores where you can buy more Sqwishland toys.

Did you find other stores that sell Sqwishland toys but are not located in the SqwishConnect map? Here's your chance to earn more prizes. Take a photo of the store or vending machine and hit send. When the Game Masters verify these hidden locations, you'll instantly get a reward. Sqwishtastic!

Sqwishland members can login using their Sqwishland game username and password. New users can register in SqwishConnect and use the same username and password to start playing in sqwishland.com.

You can check in with your SqwishConnect using your iPod Touch 4, iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4 and iPad with iOS 3.2 and above.

Joining Sqwishland is free, there are also fun additional features that are only accessible when a player has a Premium Membership. In sqwishland.com, gamers will get a lot of perks once they sign up for a Sqwishland Premium Membership. Not only will they get their own Sqwishland avatar, but they will also have more fun playing the game when they can get more clothing for their Sqwishland avatar and other valuable items that can help them go along further into the world of Sqwishland. A Premium Membership will also help gamers to earn more Sqwishland XP when they complete their missions. The fun doesn't stop there, with the Sqwishland Premium Membership, gamers can also access all of the minigames in Sqwishland, helping them to get higher SqwishCard rewards. They can also challenge and play with other Sqwishland players in the highscore challenges and join Sqwishland Quests.

Sqwishland is a combination of online gaming and kid's toys from vending machines and retail stores. Sqwishlanders are cute little collectable pencil toppers which can be bought from vending machines that you can find just about anywhere. From supermarkets, convenience stores, arcades and malls across America, this is one craze that will not leave every parent's pockets empty. For a mere 25c, kids can get a hold of one of those little capsules that contains a secret code called SqwishCode. With the SqwishCode, gamers get virtual money to buy items for their Sqwishland character while they play in the online game. It's as easy and affordable as that! Sqwishland has already sold around 47,000,000 capsule products, while Sqwishland.com has come a long way since its launch in June 2010.

Encased in little clear capsules, these cute pencil toppers, in their various squishy forms are perfectly safe for any child above three years of age. With just a few coins, kids can enjoy these adorable collectibles. Collect over 300 Sqwishland Toys with game codes that you can find in vending machines and retail outlets all over U.S.

SqwishLand LLC, The company distributes over 500 different collectible soft 'n squishy collectibles and other toys based on its hugely popular online game SqwishLand.com. The company develops SqwishLand in three ecosystems, off line (physical goods) online (virtual world, online gaming, facebook and YouTube) and mobile (iTunes Apps and Android). It is the first truly integrated toy and entertainment line for 6 - 13 years old kids. The company is based in Scottsdale and has offices in Melbourne, Australia and a development studio in Manila, Philippines.

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