Collaboration: Your Kingdom or HIS Kingdom

Written in a factual, impactful style, this book exhibits the practices that make a collaborative venture succeed in a culturally-sensitive world.

Written in a factual, impactful style, this book exhibits the practices that make a collaborative venture succeed in a culturally-sensitive world.

With his common sense and minimalist approach, the author presents core principles of partnership to help us accomplish the biblical mandate to reach the world for Christ.

JA Prez has written several books and assists intellectuals as well as the unschooled, in the acquisition of essential skillsand practical how-to solutionsfor communicating the Gospel boldly in complex, and sometimes hostile environments.

His humanitarian missions and city-wide events are the catalysts for presenting hope and transforming entire cities with the message of Christand it is from his more that 30 years of experience in missionary evangelism that the author draws the lessons and principles presented in this book.

He knows what works when evangelists, churches and entrepreneurs work together in a massive city-wide setting, to impact people with the message of Christ. He also knows what can go wrong.

Dr. Jaime Mirn (General Editor of the Spanish translation of the Biblethe Nueva Traduccin Viviente (NTV) says:

What I experienced could be the future of evangelism worldwide. Instead of one main evangelist, there were various working in their own specialties. The unity and camaraderie among the evangelists was an excellent example for the local church. To be able to have a city-wide effort, it is vital that everyone shelve their ego and work for the good of the Kingdom. JA Prez was the first to do that (an excellent example of godliness), showing deference to the other evangelists who were there. This could be a prototype for the future!

JA Prez is a core associate with Luis Palau Next Generation Alliancea group of evangelists that collaborate regularly to bring the message of Christ in many nations.

David L. Jones, who is the Vice President of Corporate Affairs for the Luis Palau Association and Director of the NGA says:

JA Prez models effective collaboration. He understands that one organization can do only so much, but through strategic partnerships and by working together, ministries can multiply their impact and reach far more people, far more cost-effectively for Jesus Christ. He has a lot of hands on experience in bringing together ministries with shared goals, values, and complementary gifts to positively impact cities in the name of Jesus.

In this book: What are the principles that govern a successful collaborative event. Why 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing. Bad practices in collaboration. Why collaboration is the way to do mass evangelism in the 21st century and much more.

What others are saying:

The impact over this city has been enormous... many pastors came to work together... We are grateful to all the other evangelists that came to our city
Pastor Randall Brenes, Vice President of Pastors Fraternity, Turrialba Costa Rica

JA Prez is a dynamic leader who selflessly yields the spotlight to others during events... He strives to develop other leaders to become all that God has called them to be.
Jeff Pieper, Director of Strategic Relationships, Luis Palau Association

JA Prez has come up with something that every outreach facilitator needs. He has a special way of incorporating the gifts of other pastors, evangelists, and fellow servants of the Lord
Alpha Hayward, Senior/Founding Pastor of Revolution Foursquare Church

The greatest miracle of all has been to see the pastors together in unity sharing without rivalry Im grateful first to God and then to the team that collaborates with evangelist JA Prez.
Pastor Ana Aguirre, Republic of Joy Festival Committee Member

When the JA Prez Team comes into an area, the city impact begins months before and continues for years after... The spiritual equipping, mentoring and encouragement have helped me grow over the past several years.
Georgina Verzal, Evangelist/Speaker Founder of Reg3neration

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