Cohesive.TV's Sound Visions Is Now Hosted By Will Alexander The New Episode Airs Now

The new episode of Sound Visions is shot at the world famous record store Black Market in Soho London and is presented by the awesome Will Alexander.

Will talks about new indie music artists globally. He also interviews Ray Keith, Drum 'n Bass legend -DJ, Producer and Remixer who keeps his ear on the ground in London's famous record shop.

Sound Visions features Milk+'s music video "Rezonex", the awesome Vienna based band is influenced by musicians like Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Bjoerk, Tom Waits as well as directors Stanley Kubrick, The Coen Brothers and David Lynch. The outcome: perfect Rock, Progressive and Psychedelic sound.

The Phenomenal Handclap Band is a group of musicians and artists from Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. The band started to take shape when DJ and production partners Daniel Collas and Sean Marquand began writing songs together in their studio while simultaneously producing other artists' records. With their involvement in the thriving nightlife scene, the partners had an almost encyclopedic knowledge of esoteric music ranging from Brazilian soul to vintage psych-rock & proto-disco, along with a wide range of musician friends to help them cultivate their vision for their own album. Sound Vision features the music video "Baby" from the PHB self-titled album, directed by Stephen Agnew.

Another great music video provided by Friendly Fire Recordings in Brooklyn Williamsburg is "Saanko jaada yoksi?" from Regina, a band from Helsinki, Finland. In the western hemisphere, chances are one won't understand a single word Regina sings, and that's okay. Lisa Pykäri - vocals, Mikko Pykäri - bass, guitar and programming and Mikko Rissanen - drums sing in their native language of Finnish, lending a surreal, otherworldly quality to their distinguished blend of electronic beats, folk and world music, wild percussion, and slightly-hazy melodies.

Regina formed in 2005 when Lisa and Mikko Pykäri started making early demos in their living room in Tampere, a largely industrial town that is often called "the Manchester of Finland" due to the disproportionate number of rock bands it has produced.

Regina has been nominated for the Emma award (the Finnish equivalent of the Grammy award).

New York's Elk City - House of Tongues re-invent the seductive sophistication of 1970's FM radio pop - but never shy away from their formidable rock power. Renee LoBue - vocals

Sean Eden - guitar, Ray Ketchem - drums, Carl Baggaley - keyboard produce the striking blend of rock, folk, soul and jazz on their newest release that separates Elk City from their peers in terms of ambition and expertise. Not since the brilliant American Music Club has a popular band so fully metabolized this range of influences to such masterful effect. Sound Visions features Elk City's "Cherries in the Snow".

Cardiac Move was found in 2002 but in this formation they have been playing since October 2004. Powerful still very personnel is how they guys like their album the 6th seal described. On Sound Visions: Fishermen.

The wonderful glamorous Jesse Evans on the way to world stardom recorded her first solo album between Berlin and Mexico has the sensual yet chaotic charm of a shipwrecked sailorette dancing in a hurricane. The songs feature live drums, percussion and saxophones. Afro beat, nu-no wave and a touch of Istanbul Sound Visions has "Class Magic" from her album "Is it Fire".

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