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Cobra Designs, Inc. Launches Tested In USA Service

Tested in USA assures consumers that the product they are purchasing WORKS.

After developing and testing products over the past nine years, Todd Wikstrom created Tested in USA (a fee based third-party test service) that is being offered to businesses. Any business or inventor can send a non-returnable production sample to Cobra Designs, Inc. for an Average Joe test that will determine if their item WORKS according to the sender's claim and/or instructions of use. Graphics are awarded to sender for a test that passes which can be used for promotional purposes to assure America that their product WORKS.

Graphics can used on websites, in emails, and can be printed to use as a product label. What is different and beneficial to a Tested in USA customer is that the service is obviously unbiased. A customer prepays for the service and takes their lumps if they fail, and zero advertising nor sale of any customer product is offered on Tested on USA website. Should a product fail the Average Joe test, zero information is published and the sender receives a phone call from the tester and can resubmit for a subsequent FREE test. For companies with a vast product line, a volume rate can be accommodated on a case by case bases. The fee is affordable for any formidable first time inventor to inform consumers "my product WORKS" since testimonials and reviews can prove bogus.

Benefits: A consumer can make an easy decision while on a website considering to make a purchase. It can be said that the benefit for Tested in USA's customer is that they easily can neutralize negative reviews while at the same time reinforce positive ones. It is a rare case of marketing whereby both parties win

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