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Coaches Are Hopeless Salesmen, Ironically They Do Well Helping Business Increase Sales

Join over 500 participants as they discover no high-pressure marketing and coaching techniques from Linda Finkle at the 11th Annual Capital Coaches Conference this June 5 at Fairview Park Marriott.

Many coaches earn six-figure incomes helping businesses and individuals do better at everything. But outside the miniscule cream of the crop, coaches are struggling to get enough clients to earn a full-time living with their practice.

Falls Church, VA, May 15, 2014—Join over 500 participants as they discover no high-pressure marketing and coaching techniques from Linda Finkle, together with Oprah favorite coach Dr. Brenй Brown, Fortune 500 coach Chalmer Brothers and other prominent coaches in the industry at the 11th Annual Capital Coaches Conference this June 5 at Fairview Park Marriott.

"Coaches suck at selling ," says Master Certified Coach and owner of coaching and sales training company Incedo Group, Linda Finkle. Many coaches come into the industry just wanting to help people not knowing selling is a prerequisite to helping.

According to a survey by Sherpa Coaching and University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education, the confidence of HR and training professionals in the value of coaching increased from 63 percent to 75 percent last year.

Demand for coaching is soaring now that more people recognize its value. There's plenty of business to go around but many opportunities remain untapped. "Coaches are afraid and have no idea how to start the sales conversation ", says Finkle.

Established coach training schools do well training students in the art of listening and mentoring but many of their graduates—old and new—are ill-equipped to convince prospects to pay for their services.
"The amount of training support on the business and marketing side of things, let alone follow-up, is sadly lacking on many so-called coach trainings," complains Coach Tamsin Butters.
To solve this, Finkle will demonstrate how she uses core coaching competencies taught at the International Coach Federation (ICF) to sell her own coaching and training services.
Creating the coaching agreement and building trust, these two competencies often dismissed as "just for coaching" can be adapted into a consultative selling approach—an effortless sales technique more effective than the overused "here's your problem, here's what you need to do" approach.

This year's conference is a first in the history of ICF as three chapters, Metro DC, Maryland and Greater Richmond, collaborate for the first time to produce an amazing event. Themed "A Deep Dive to Discovery," the conference is filled with interactive sessions facilitated by thought-leaders in different fields of business and executive coaching.

Our event's goal is to inspire coaches everywhere and arm them with the tools and resources they need to thrive in our evolving industry.

About the Event
The Capital Coaches Conference is an educational and networking event for coaches, aspiring coaches, coach training organizations and the entrepreneurs who hire them. Over five hundred participants will attend in this one-day experiential learning event hosted by the International Coaching Federation.

About the Speaker
Linda Finkle is the Founder of Incedo Group, a coaching and training company in the top 10 percentile of coaching companies around the globe in terms of revenue. She coaches executives and facilitates sales training workshops across different industries. Linda is one of only 600 people to have the title Master Certified Coach.

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