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CMC Government Supply Urges All Fire Departments To Evaluate Report Resources During National Fire Prevention Week

Rite in the Rain products enable Fire Commanders and Investigators to record important information on the spot in all conditions.

CMC Government Supply wants to make sure fire departments have everything they need to serve and protect the public and efficiently report and record all vital information in all weather conditions.

From the proper notebooks to all weather pens, CMC Government Supply has a variety of products available that can make any fire department more efficient. The All-Weather Fire Incident Report Notebook and the All-Weather Fire Investigation Notebook, both manufactured by Rite in the Rain, allow all vital data to be recorded regardless of weather conditions. The Incident Report notebook is pocket size so it's easy to carry and comes in a pack of 12, each with 50 sheets. The Investigation Field Notebook also comes in a pack of 12 and has 52 pages.

Another important all weather notebook to have is the Incident Command Spiral Notebook. The last thing any fire commander needs on the scene of an emergency is an ICS form that won't hold up under the weather. This Right in the Rain notebook comes with an orange cover for easy identification and has 32 pages.

Once the proper notebook for the task is in place, the proper writing utensil is needed. The All-Weather Tactical black Clicker Pen will hold up in all weather, it will write on wet paper, upside down and in temperatures from -30 degrees to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. It is extremely durable due to the black metal barrel.

Also available are Rite in the Rain damage assessment placards for investigators to use to mark inspected, unsafe and restricted-use areas.

"CMC Government Supply appreciates the efforts of all fire departments across the U.S. this month as they spend time informing and teaching everyone how they can do their part to prevent fires. We also want to provide the right tools to fire departments to make their job easier. Rite in the Rain Products can do that," stated Debby Parker, Vice President of CMC.

Make sure your department has everything they need to be efficient and productive in all emergency and any weather. See all Rite in the Rain products at

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