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CMC Government Supply Recommends GunVault Safes To Keep Guns Close And Secure

GunVault safes and gun locks give responsible gun owners peace of mind by keeping firearms handy for defense but out of the hands of children.

CMC Government Supply is promoting responsible firearm ownership by featuring GunVault safes and locks. These safes give homeowners quick access to loaded firearms for defense while keeping them out of the hands of children. Customers can choose from models that open with a key, touchpad sequence, or fingerprint scan.

The NanoVault is a small and portable safe, built for home or for traveling concealed weapon permit holders. These cases come with a security cable for securing the case in a vehicle. Constructed of solid 18-gauge steel and lined with thick memory foam, this vault is still slender enough to slip into a briefcase or desk.

GunVault's SpeedVault is a vertical safe that drops open to give quick access to a firearm. Perfect for mounting in narrow spaces, like a desk or nightstand, the SpeedVault installs simply. One SpeedVault model uses a biometric fingerprint reader that the owner can program with up to 120 fingerprints and the other model uses a four-button control pad. When the safe drops open, an interior floodlight makes it easy to grab the handgun.

Solid on the outside and soft on the inside, GunVault's MultiVault comes in larger sizes, reaching 8.25"x10.25"x14." The vault has an interior shelf, giving a homeowner the space to secure two firearms or several valuables. Some models of this vault also come with an electrical plug to power the safe if the batteries fail.

Two smaller products that GunVault makes are the MagVault and Breechvault. The MagVault locks into the magazine well of the popular AR rifle. It blocks the firearm's chamber so the firearm can't be loaded or fired until the MagVault is removed with a key. The BreechVault is a similar device that fits into the open breech of a Mossberg or Remington pump shotgun. It blocks the chamber and action, rendering the gun useless until the device is unlocked.

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