CMC Government Supply Offers A Tough New NANUK 950 Case To Protect Large Fragile Items

Military units and law enforcement agencies can protect large delicate equipment with the oversized NANUK 950 case, now available from CMC Government Supply.

CMC Government Supply is proud to announce the addition of the NANUK 950 to its line of NANUK protective cases. Backed by the manufacturer's lifetime guarantee and trusted by many government agencies to protect sensitive instruments and equipment, NANUK cases are built to meet strict military requirements for impact-resistance and use stainless steel hardware while remaining lightweight. NANUK's new case is available at government contract pricing from CMC Government Supply.

The NANUK 950 is the company's largest case to date and continues NANUK's line of tough cases that match and exceed other popular cases in both durability and features. Measuring a generous 22.8" x 18.3" x 11.7", the NANUK 950 remains easy to move with polyurethane wheels and extending handle with a soft rubber grip. Powerclaw latches used on NANUK cases compress the lid and lock the case closed so it won't pop open by accident.

Available in four colors—black, orange, yellow, and graphite—the NANUK 950 uses optional customizable foam and padded dividers to protect a variety of valuable items. And even when stuffed full with 110 pounds of cargo, the case will remain buoyant.

Many NANUK cases are available to state and local government buyers using CMC Government Supply's GSA Schedule Contract through GSA Cooperative Purchasing. Visit for more information about the NANUK 950 or view all the NANUK protective cases carried by CMC Government Supply at c134.htm.

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