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CMC Government Supply Has Mesa Tactical Shotgun Accessories Available For GSA Cooperative Purchasing

City, state, and federal law enforcement and military units can update their pump and automatic shotguns with American-made shell saddles, telescoping stocks, and sling loops. Purchase online at GSA Advantage or contact CMC Government Supply for assi

CMC Government Supply carries an assortment of shotgun accessories made in California by Mesa Tactical, a respected name in the firearms community. Eligible local, state, and federal law enforcement and military units can use quick and easy GSA Advantage to update their armory. CMC participates in the GSA Cooperative Purchasing Program, which allows eligible entities to purchase from approved vendors, at any time, for any reason, using any funds available. State and local agencies who can buy through GSA can take advantage of CMC Government Supply's GSA Contract Pricing for important upgrades.

A popular upgrade for Remington 870 and Mossberg 500/590 shotguns is Mesa Tactical's telescoping recoil-absorbing stock. Mimicking an AR-15 adjustable stock, the shotgun stock quickly shortens for storage in tight areas and allows for an instant custom fit for any law enforcement officer or military operator. CMC Government Supply customers rave about how the stock soaks up recoil from even heavy slug and buckshot loads and is easy to install. More information about the stock is available to review at

Another popular Mesa Tactical product is the SureShell Carrier ( c267.htm) that fits onto all the popular law enforcement and military shotguns—the Remington 870, Mossberg 500/590, the Benelli M1/M2/M3 and Nova, and the FN SLP. The SureShell Carrier is made of strong lightweight aluminum and attaches to the shotgun receiver where it holds four, six, or eight shells close enough to allow quick reloads but not hinder normal operation.

Mesa Tactical also makes shotgun sling loops, Picatinny rails for mounting accessories, and barrel and magazine weapon light mounts. For more information about purchasing Mesa Tactical gear, visit GSA Advantage or contact CMC at 972-960-0800. Stay up-to-date on other special pricing and promotions by subscribing to the CMC Government Supply newsletter at

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